Avio PowerSense Powermeter - owner first impression




You are in Ireland too right?

How much was it for postage both ways? Did you use registered post with An Post?



I’m in Northern Ireland. It was £6.99 via DHL. If you go through the order process but don’t finish the checkout it will probably tell you the delivery charge, or you could email them. They are pretty quick to respond usually


Ok, here we go!

That workout I did the other day does have problems :frowning:

I got all the data exported to CSVs and put them into a chart: chart

By way of an explainer:
My left/right balance trends slowly left over time. This accounts for the drift of the yellow line (the left Powertap pedal versus the Kickr). Both Powertap pedals taken together (the Orange line) is basically flat vs the Kickr, drifting very very slightly up over the hour. The Red and Green lines are the Avio vs the left Powertap and the Avio vs the Kickr respectively.

The Avio drifting south vs the Powertap and the Kickr is really noticeable. As promised, I put the temperature graphs on there too from both devices (the Garmin was on my wrist, so should ideally be a bit warmer than the Wahoo :laughing:)


How big was the drift? It’s hard for me to tell from that graph


Have you seen the troubleshooting video? I went through some of the steps to check mine was ok, all looks correct although my calibration number is outside of their indicated range


Well mine has failed completely :frowning: no lights and no connection. Tried a new battery but it’s deader than disco. Hopefully I can get a quick replacement when they are back from the Christmas break


About 7w, which is pretty significant.

They seem to be back now, so you should be able to get in touch about your dead meter. They replied to my email earlier today very quickly but only to tell me they were going to start investigating :slight_smile:


Yeah, I got a reply first thing this morning


Well, I had an almost total failure over the weekend. Went out early on Saturday when it was cold (around zero) and the Avio reported almost no wattage at all (but it consistently transmitted cadence). I even recalibrated it halfway through my workout (it always returns 200 when calibrating).

I’m pretty sure the temperature is what’s screwing it up.


ive been out this evening and ive had the same issu 1 degree and the PM would only read 0 on flats and down hills only would read any valve when i went over a 2% hill. but the previous few days the readings have been all ok but the temp has been over 5 degree.

i calibrated the PM with the avio app and my wahoo bolt before ride after 20 mins it just wouldnt read anythink.


@rjessop @Jamie_Smith

How are yours working now? Mine is being tested by Avio and they say it was working when received back. they have sent me pics of it being re calibrated and are running further tests.

I did leave mine indoors for 24 hours in case it was a temp issue before contacting them but it was still non responsive.

I would have much preferred if they had found a fault! But they appear to be doing what they can to help,


I sent them a couple more fit files on Monday, they replied asking for my number on Tuesday in order to call me, but I’ve not heard since.

Every ride this week has been outdoors at <5 degrees and none of them have reported more than 0 watts consistently. The unit is still reporting realistic cadence. I appreciate that they’re a tiny company and it must be hard to deal with support requests but it’d be nice to hear back with some next steps because right now I’ve got a £200 device that’s useless to me and glued to a crank for which I don’t have a spare :frowning:


I would have a chat with Shai, he’s been pretty good in coming back to me. His last email included a video of my avio been tested against an SRM crank to check power numbers are consistent.


What are you running? I’ve a spare Ultegra crank I could lend you if you want to get out.


First time poster here - my crank is going back to Avio as on my first trial after receiving my crank back I saw the watts about 20-30% lower than my Tacx Neo and even when stationary the force number was jumping around all over the place. I did a fresh 10KG calibration, which improved things, but still get a weird inconsistent output. The crank is going back for recalibration - I am not sure I hold much hope though.


Apparently some variation is normal, see 1.48 on this video. was yours moving around much more than that?

Mine should be back in a few days so I’ll run some more tests then.


Mine was generally at -10 but also jumped to -99. i will go through the troubleshooting video tonight step by step - record a few logs and keep a close look at all the figures. I see the log file has a field called ‘PowerModifier’ I assume there is a hidden setting somewhere where I can change that to bring the power up to expected levels, but I don’t think it will fix my 3 second average power that jumps around 30 watts at a time despite smooth pedaling and no real change in Zwift using my Neo simultaneously. I just hope that Avio can handle carbon BB30 cranks when re-calibrating.


Thanks for the offer and sorry for not spotting this earlier! I think I’ll wait for them to get back to me (still nothing yet) before I send them my crank.

Annoyingly, I’m just about to start my training proper and will probably be too distracted by that to keep chasing them.


Hi Guys,

New Avio PM owner here :slight_smile:

I’ve only done two indoor rides with the new unit (factory installed - so precalibrated).

I have noticed that the cadence fluctuates very quickly when compared to my Garmin sensor. The Avio’s cadence with vary by upto 5 or so RPM every second or two. I don’t believe my pedalling is varying like that and if it does, I would expect some sampling/levelling/smoothing. Does anyone else notice this?

Also, as mentioned above by others, I too am noticing some differences in power (between my KickR Core and Avio), by up to 20W. I appreciate they wont match exactly, but at times they are spot on and at others a big difference (this is even with 3Sec sampling on my head unit for the Avio)




I haven’t experienced any cadence issues. You might want to down load the avio android installer app as you can track the cadence there as well as a few other metrics.

Mine was sent away and recalibrated and also they compared the power reading to an SRM, at the same time my tacx flux was replaced under warranty. I compared them when both were returned and got the same power differential (approx +20w to the avio)