Avio PowerSense Powermeter - owner first impression

Sad to report that I’ve slacked off on testing it - no serious opportunities to ride the bike that it fits which is itself now away being serviced ahead of a sportive at the end of the month and my club’s training camp in early May. I will be using it for those events, so should have lots of lovely data to share in a few weeks.

Been away a while due to new job, both a blessing and a curse!

Mine was Ok for a while then decided to stop transmitting power completely on my ‘A’ race :scream::triumph::rage:

A reset got it working eventually, and it has been Ok so far now that the weather has improved. All my historical issue appear to have revolved around periods of cold weather though…

I am waiting to get my crank back, it seems that at a last they can see the problem, unfortunately no fix for it. Hopefully they can come up with something they can deliver remotely.

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I’m back! With Data! I’ll just post the analyzer links and you can draw your own conclusions but this first one, a sportive in the UK, is pretty damning as it has a huge drop out:
I think I calibrated at the start, about 15 minutes in, then again at the halfway feed station and that was it.
The following are all from my club training camp. This first one has a bit of a blip where I forgot to restart the Garmin to which the Avio was paired, but ignore that part:
https://analyze.dcrainmaker.com/#/public/d191b69a-fae6-4c31-783b-ecfca238ed17 (not good - huge difference during the big climb)

Really I should have been pairing each meter with a different head unit on each day for a better test, but I wanted to watch my watts on my familiar P1s and keep an eye on my intensity factor during the camp so that I didn’t blow up :sweat_smile: so the P1s were on the Wahoo the whole time.

Also calibration on a Garmin watch is hell. I get it to pair, hit calibrate, fails with an error code and the meter is now not connected. Try this again a few times, normally get a successful calibration on around the 10th attempt. This is really bad user experience - I got called out a few times for faffing around with this meter and just gave up at several ride starts and coffee stops.

Also, in case it seems like I’m ragging on Avio: I think what they’ve achieved so far with a handful of people is impressive even though the early results aren’t fantastic. As Ray Maker observed in a recent podcast, Stages (I think) said that when you’ve made 1000 power meters you realise that you didn’t know how to make 100, and when you’ve made 10,000 you realise that you didn’t know how to make 1000 and so on. Of course, I don’t make these things myself so maybe I’m just naively optimistic :sweat_smile: but I think the future might be bright as long as they keep up the support and development.

I have my crank back, so at least I can use my good bike. No fix and nothing promised ever, maybe in 6 months time they will work out something. I wish them luck, but I don’t think they have enough resources behind them to move fast enough. Is suspect with the Raleigh tie up they will become even more swamped. I would not recommend them for any kind of exotic crank. Hopefully they can turn it around.

My first shop fitted Avio didn’t read at all but Shai (Avio) quickly sorted that. After that it seemed to be wildly affected by temperature dropping out a fair bit or reading superman. Shai done a fresh install and it seems to have sorted it. The first batteries in that fresh install didn’t seem to last long, a sign I think was the meter dropping out into a cold wind. It still drops out in those conditions but the new unit seems to recalibrate to temperature quicker and I am getting none of the Superman readings. I was then out for a month due to circumstances beyond my control and expected dead batteries again but ( as it’s warmed up perhaps ?) I’ve been delightful surprised and feel it is matching my perceived effort. For the money paid for the Avio I am pretty happy and may get another one for my other bike.

Mine functions a lot better now the weather has improved, and also now I always wait a good ten seconds after zeroing before I clip in.

Was going to buy a second one but had clearance issues so just got a 4iii instead, will be interesting to see how the two compare.

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Hi all,

It’s been 5 months since the last post. How is everyone getting on with their Avios?

Has Avio ever released an update (either hardware or software)?


A couple of firmware upgrades. May have improved reading variables although as most seemed to have problems during cold weather it’s too early to tell.
Personally I find the constant and inaccurate reporting of low battery levels on Edge computers a pain. Three times they have claimed it’s been fixed; two returns to them and the latest firmware which it’s now possible to do yourself have made no difference.
It’s a small company making a decent product for the money it’s just such a shame that the support is misleading. I understand problems,bI dislike being told problems have been fixed, three times, when they haven’t!
If you are on a budget and are happy enough with a few flaws it’s a bargain. The reading’s on mine have been consistent since the weather warmed up.

Mine is just an expensive cadence sensor that eats batteries. It has been back repeatedly and I have been to visit it with them, but they have washed their hands of me. To be fair, I have a refund, but no chance of having a viable product for my crank. So for now, it just sits there glued to my crank annoying me.

I’m waiting for the temperatures to drop and wetter weather nervously but during the summer months its been pretty stable for me. It might read a little low but its been consistently so and there’s been no stupid spikes, the only real annoying thing is every month or two it drops out a new batteries are needed but it gives me no other warning. Once replaced its stable again.

Well the temps dropped today (-2deg start, 3deg finish) and it seemed and looks from the data very stable. For the 20 mins best it was reading 66% of my mate’s watts (he’s bigger than me and I drafted him all the way during it) which looks to me reasonable.

Indoors it tracks close to my Elite Suito although it does drop out frequently at cadences over 110rpm.

On these results I continue to be happy with it for the money spent :slight_smile:

Indoors the Avio seems to track pretty well to my Suito. At cadences over 110rpm the Avio drops out a bit and the difference can be upto 7% lower than Suito on average. But on my last session where I tried to pedal more smoothly the Avio dropped out less and it was only 1.7% (3w) less on average. Attached are some of the comparisons I’ve done:

The factory fitted Avio never seems to drop out problem out side and this version seems to cope with varying temperatures and floods well, so I continue to be a happy customer :slight_smile:

My latest replacement unit hasn’t worked properly.
The battery warnings are constant and the actual power readings have gone from too high on the original to now around half of the power readings I would expect. I am apparently able to cruise along at 20Kmh on the flat for 20kw…I must have lost a lot of weight :scream:
Unfortunately support has also disappeared at the moment and since getting the latest replacement a month ago, * have sent several emails and had no response.
I really wish I hadn’t brought this as the price may be great but it just doesn’t seem to work and support is so variable.
Look elsewhere is my advice even if it costs a bit more.

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I gave up on mine and bought a 4iiii