BC Bike Race Training



I signed up for BC bike race next year and I am looking for a good training plan. I did the sweet spot base low volume and I am ready for the next steps.
Im 41 and a life long Mountain Biker. I have ridden in BC many times and am comfortable with the style of trails. My real concern is fitness. I have never been in great shape. The training plans that are out there for BCBR are 12-16 hours a week. I think I will need to get by with max of 10-12.

Any suggestions would be helpful thank you.


@Jsteens do you have other races planned or would this be your A race for the season? If it’s your A race then you have a long time to put in some good training. Did you add in workouts or do only the SSB LV? If you didn’t add workouts then doing SSB MV might be a good step if you can commit that time. You likely could then do a build and come back to doing base again before dong another build and then specialty, all before the race.


Yeah this is definitely the A race. I think I will sign up for the local enduro in April for fun and a fitness guy check.

I have been getting in extra rides outside but with daylight savings coming and weather getting worse I think I will have to spend more time in the trainer. I guess I was unsure how quickly I needed to increase volume. If I do low volume again but add a day when it fits in the schedule will I still have time to ramp up volume?

Thanks for the feedback.


If you have the time to add a longer ride that would be a good addition. Trying to get an hour and a half to two hours of endurance riding in and then trying to get that up to three hours gradually if possible would be a great addition. It can be a slug to do on the trainer at first but it gets easier with time, especially if you have some form of entertainment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I raced BCBR this year and TrainerRoad was a BIG part of my fitness training. I live in BC so, like you, I wasn’t too worried about the technical side of preparing. I did mid-volume of Sweet Spot Base, General Power Build, and XC Marathon. My fitness was absolutely on point. So much so that I felt that I got stronger each day which was reflected in that I improved my overall position each day. I’ve been a TR user for a few years and this was the first year that I did mid-volume plans (I’d previously only did low-volume) and I found it made a big different. With the low-volume plans, I found that my fitness increased, but there were always workouts towards the end of build or specialty that I just couldn’t finish. With mid-volume, I felt the work I put in made the progression of workouts more manageable. Don’t get me wrong, there were some tough workouts that I really had to push hard to get through, but I never felt that I wouldn’t finish them.

That amount of training is a big commitment that I was willing to put in because BCBR had been a big target for me for a long time. Learning the difference between how my body adapted to mid-volume compared to low-volume, this year I’m going back to low-volume, but I’m going to complete 100% of the workouts indoors while also adding a couple outdoor rides a week.


Thank you that is just what I needed. I will bump up to mid volume at the end of November. That should be enough time with mid volume to get me where I need to be.