Belgian Waffle Ride -- Training Advice


I am planning on riding the Belgian Waffle Ride in North County San Diego this year (May 5, 2019). It is a cool event with waffles, beer, 90 miles of road, 40 miles +/- of dirt riding, 10k ft of climbing, tequila, and bacon :slight_smile:

I am currently trying to build out a training schedule for the ride and was wondering if any of the good people here on TR have ridden it? And if so, what did your training plan look like and what bike/bike setup did you ride?



What’s your goal?


Around 10 hours would be great. Having a great day on the bike and not completely wrecking myself physically would be great too.


Hey there!

Typically for rides like this that fall into the “Gran-Fondo” designation, this is our recommended training progression:

Sweet Spot Base
Sustained Power Build
Century Plan

This is our recommended plan for riders completing your typical 100 mile centuries, racing Leadville or Dirty Kanza, or any other steady and extended Gran-Fondo riding.

I hope this helps, good luck with the rest of your training!


I did the Wafer a few years ago (the half) and rode a Niner BSB with 30mm tubeless slicks. I wouldn’t go much larger than that since there is so much road.

The neutral roll out is not neutral. Don’t kill yourself at the start :wink:


Anyone know what an average TSS for the ride would be?


Somewhere in the 5k-6k kilojoule range, probably 400-500TSS depending on your weight and fitness.