Belgian Waffle Ride -- Training Advice


At the risk of hijacking, I’m looking for advice on bike selection. I have a foil disc with 28s on and think it could fit 30s that I’ve been planning on. I also have a giant tcx for gravel/cross, but it’s definitely mtn gearing. I’m more a mtn biker than road, a good tech rider, and would prefer to ride the foil thinking my limiter is going to be climbs and hours on the bike instead of handling. Any thoughts are appreciated.


I haven’t ridden it yet, but everyone I have talked to said to use a road bike with the biggest tires that will fit. Unless the biggest tires are 23s. I think a road bike with 30 or 32s will be perfect. I plan on riding a cannondale synapse with 32s.


It sounds like you have enough skills to tackle BWR. I’m a pure roadie and I’m not a great technical rider but I don’t think I walked anything other than the sand pit (I don’t remember what they actually named that section), 99.9% of people have to walk that little part.

I was a bit ginger on some of the dirt descents taking it at my pace (letting people pass me) and then catching up on the following climb or flat section of road. but I was completely out of my eliment since I was on diet to begin with.

My suggestion is go and do it you’ll have a blast, the atmosphere at BWR is phenomenal.



In general I suggest running a road/gravel bike with 28s and aero wheels if you want to “race” it (a small amount of tread would be nice) but if your looking more for a fun day on the bike 30-32s would give you a bit more compliance as it is a long day if you’re doing the full thing.

@Ko21 I take the statement of the climbs being your limiter to mean you are more in the race mentality so I’d suggest the road bike. The MTN gearing will be a limiter on some of the road sections/descents. I did it on my Masi Evoluzione which I use for all my road racing, I simply changed the tires over to 28s.