Best Chain Lube for Wheel off Trainer


Hey all

using the new Wahoo Kickr CORE

wondering what people would recommend for chain lube on Kickr’s in general?

I had read wax lube was a good shout.

Recently bought some ‘Squirt’ lube to use on my outside bike - highly recommended by a few people and by the guys on AACC …

anyone have any thoughts experience(s)?

Looking mainly to insure i keep my chain and chainrings in good order whilst i pile up the indoor hours.




I use Silca chain lube which is quite viscous and have been tested to last for a really long time.


I have been waxing my chains with Molten Speed Wax for a year. I don’t do it because it’s supposed to make me faster. I just need to ride on more on TrainerRoad to get faster. I wax because it hands down is the quietest and cleanest way to go on and off the trainer. I can run my chain for about 600 miles or until it starts to squeak which has never happened before 450 miles. My buds and I have a waxing party, doing 2-3 chains each then shut it down and enjoy the peacefulness.

I use squirt when I am away on a ride and hear a squeak, but as soon as I get back to the house, the chain is swapped. Squirt is definitely second best but wax for me all the way living in dry Cali.

Note the initial investment is steep for waxing if you go all the way, but we all contribute to the bike workshop as a group so it works out for us.


+1 for waxing and Squirt as a second option. I find Squirt “almost” as good as waxing.


I laughed

(we do the same thing)

+1 for waxing your chains


If your trainer bike is indoor only then I think waxing is the only way to go.

It will last a long time and is super easy to re-dip without any additional cleaning.


I second the Silca NFS lube, but strongly looking at moving to MSW


One bike over here, I’m using Rock-N-Roll Gold. With RNR they say you can never overwipe the chain so that’s what I do after every outdoor ride. Usually relube every 150-300 miles. No mess while on the trainer.


I just use Squirt indoors. No problems after 2 winters same chain 3000 miles.