Best/cheapest hacks for standing desk for laptop etc



Maybe not good for Laptops, but for my Iphone/Ipad this works well. I use a music stand that I had sitting about. 100% adjustable and about $15.


I saw some Internet ads recently for a few products that look pretty interesting in this space from Chapstand:

The laptop stand is is in the same price range as the tear down tray above… no casters but easy to fold up out of the way when not in use.


How ‘easy’ is to do any work, read/write emails on laptop with these while using TR?
I presume it’s impossible for VO2 max workouts…
Is it possible for lower intensity workouts?
I presume an ironing board can’t get close enough to the bars to work as a cheap option in this scenario?


Not super stable but works fine. Bought at Walmart for $9 and 1x1’s at Home Depot for $10. It took 10min to make.


I used the same. Works perfect.


I’ve been eyeing this, but may end up with the Wahoo desk.


I use this one I got at Target for $15. It’s below the handlebars as well but works fine for the fans and tablet


I have a folding desk from Aldi with a couple of carton boxes on top to lift the laptop a little. Been working well over the past couple of years. :slight_smile:


I use this gator music stand that I bought second hand:

It’s more sturdy than the foldable stands and has a number of clamps you can tighten down to hold it in whatever position you need, so it doesn’t pivot suddenly when you put something heavy on it. It’s worked well for me so far.


I have one of these and tried it. IMH it’s too flimsy to hold a laptop reliably and it’s really not tall enough anyway. Also the legs don’t really spread in the right way to get it close to the bike. It’s cheap, but not ideal for this.


This is what I’ve been using since last year. It works quite well.


So…I don’t like unitaskers as a rule.

Chalk it up to years of watching Alton Brown on Good Eats, so my trainer is set up adjacent to my work stand in my cave.

The work stand has a tray from feedback sports that rotates around.

On top of the workstand, I have a magnetic mount for my phone as I train using the iOS app.

When I’m riding, the phone is at eye level, I can touch anything I need, and extras are in the tray on the stand.

I can use the dongle to display the ride on my tv or a monitor.

Pretty pleased with the whole thing.

That being said, I’ll probably get the wahoo desk.


Bkool also makes a nice looking stand for IPads.



Thanks everyone for the suggestions and ideas. Interesting to see what people are using, and different ideas!


I built a “Murphy Shelf”. It cost less than $10 for all the hardware and took about 30 minutes to build and mount. It is not a standing desk but for those working with small spaces it is probably the best option. Photos here


I had to build a leveling platform with adjustable feet, my garage floor has a slight tilt. Used leftovers to fashion the desk.


Agree. I use a music stand for my iPad


works like a charm :slight_smile:


i got this desk off of amazon for like 125 shipped. Super solid heavy build. I love it and I think it is actually better than the wahoo desk.


Have this coming from Amazon on Friday. $39.99
I like the Wahoo knock off but this is a 1/3 of the price. Goes up to 37 inches which is enough for just holding my ipad. I would rather have the ipad in front of me and then something on the TV in the background.