Best compromise between low and mid volume SSB?



I’m thinking about increasing my weekly TSS for SSB II. But the jump from low to mid volume is quite high. I know that I have the option to tweak the plan with +/- options. However, there are two possible solutions in my opinion.

  • For example, in week 1 I could replace “Geiger+2” with “Geiger”. In this case I would still have two rides on the weekend.
  • Or is it better to extend the Saturday ride in order to increase TSS. For week 1 of SSB II this could be “Kaweah+2” instead of “Kaweah”

What is the best way to adapt the current plan? Are there any considerable differences? @mcneese.chad @chad

Thank you in advance.


SSB2 MV is a really nice TSS ramp follow on from SSB LV1 as you can see on my TSS plan from calendar below. (I’m just about to move between the two plans).

If you just want to make LV a little harder then you can do the +1/+2 versions of some of the workouts or just add in one of the workouts from the MV plan as your schedule allows.



That’s the question: Is it better to have a additional shorter training on sunday? Or is it better to extend the saturday session? Are there any considerable differences?


Probably not. Mostly just do what time and ability to handle TSS allow.


Honestly, either makes sense. You might consider the time you have on each day. Also, do you have more energy on one day or time of training? That kind of thought and you should be good either way.


Also maybe consider what you’re ultimately conditioning for. If it were for me, I think I would add in the Sunday rides from MV and keep out the Wednesday ride. Those Sunday rides are some added endurance miles that I tend to miss if I drop them from my plan. If I’m not planning on doing long-ish club rides or road races, then maybe I don’t need them and I could get away with some +1 versions instead.


Many thanks for all the replies. But I think I will start with the shorter versions of the Sunday rides and see how it feels. And if that’s not enough, I can still do the normal MV length :wink: