Bidons by the dozen


Hey Everybody. I’m kind of over having a dozen different water bottles from different events, all with mismatched lids. Anybody have any favorite bottles that aren’t too pricey? I’d like to buy a half dozen or so to have on hand. I use insulated Podium’s for outdoor rides, and they’re okay, but I would like to have a bunch of matching bottles on hand for training. Thanks!


I like the Elite Fly bottles. They’re soft so you can get a great quench in one go.

But if you squeeze too hard you get an impromptu shower as they leak. Some of the lids stick shut without a hard tug though.


Just start ordering your nutrition from The Feed, you’ll never be without a water bottle again. They send you a free one with ever order. I want to actually tell them to stop sending them to me. (Good one’s too, Specialized bottles)



Also… camelbak… best bottles out there. If you can score a sale then it’s not too bad… about $5 each for the non insulated ones. The nice thing is the insulated and non insulated share the same top.

I get mine from Trisports when they have a sale.


we did a team order of the specialized podium bottles and had them customized with colors and logo. super easy process.


I’ve showered myself in skatch before, makes for a sticky ride home. Thanks!


Ah, this is good info. I buy my nutrition in bulk and have been meaning to order from them. This seals the deal. Thanks!


They must have just started this. I ordered a years worth of Skratch as they were supposed to be discontinuing the Raspberry mix. No bottle. I am slowly wearing out bottles and pitching as necessary. Not complaining (about Feed) just observing.


Sometimes you need a code to get it. I got 2 Camelbak bottles either last year or the year before with my Feed orders, but either had a code or had to click a link.


Hmm, a few friends just ordered from them and all got bottles. I know for a fact if you do a subscription you get a free bottle.


Yeah that’s a new thing. I think the camelbak bottles @fastk9dad mentioned was from the TdF time frame when the Feed sponsored Garmin/Cannondale/ depending on the year and Camelbak was a sponsor as well… I have 3 of those that are still in regular use.

But now I did see that at least with subscriptions they send a new bottle. I haven’t ordered form them in a while but I did read that recently.


I emailed TheFeed and asked when you get a bottle. They said all subscription orders come with one, but if you IM’d them after you placed an order they could probably sneak one in the box for you. Good to know!


I got the large Elite Fly bottle and was looking forward to the ice cold water but…it fell out of the side loading spesh zee cage on my mountain bike (and could not find it :frowning: Not sure if it was because I didn’t seat the bottle all the way inside the cage, but man, the sidewalls seem really flimsy, especially with a full large bottle. The small fly bottle stayed in the other cage, tough.


Podiums for the win for sure.