Big or small chainring on kickr?



Im currently using the small chainring to train on my kickr as I train early in the morning to trying to avoid too much noise. Is there any difference between using the small or large chainring if all workouts are done in erg mode. (I had previously read somewhere that the big chainring was more realistic to riding on the road)


I had issues being in the Big Ring and having the KICKR brake correctly. So now I stay in the Small Ring and line my chain up on the back to a 21 or a 23.

No problems since.


Gearing does have an impact. It is essentially affecting the flywheel speed and inertia, which impacts how it loads your body and muscles.

Here is a video showing some of the differences.

This has been discussed in other threads. I will search and add links to them.

Kickr Training Big vs small Ring