Bizarre and annoying Powertap P1 pedal issue

I just got an email update from them confirming they’ve received my logs and opened an internal ticket. The basic response was keep the device up to date to get the fix when it comes, but they didn’t give any timeline. They released a new firmware update today, so I’d expect it could be another month or so before they push out another one.

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Same here. keeping my fingers crossed. Definitely not staying off the bike because of this, but will miss a valuable tool. I have a significant leg difference, and knowing the balance is valuable for climbing sessions.

New firmware out, but no change in pedal issues.

Anyone have any updates?

I have just come across this and seem to have the same issue. I used to be 48/52 and am now 54/46 so quite a different reading, I was wondering what had happened in the last month or so.

Nope nothing yet

And are you on wahoo also?

I haven’t heard anything from them, but a new firmware update was just pushed to my Bolt. The version number is WB15-5027, but it doesn’t appear on the website yet:

I’m not sure if it’s a general update or targeted to me since I’ve raised a ticket with them. I’ll see if anything’s changed next time I’m outdoors with the P1 pedals.

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The website has been updated and shows: “Incorrect L/R Balance shown for some power meters”, so that looks promising. Haven’t tested it yet though.

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I updated to the latest firmware this morning (for the radar support) and will be doing a ride tonight. I will see how the L/R info looks when I finish and report back.


I’ll also check mine tomorrow too! :crossed_fingers:


Yes, I have a Wahoo Bolt.

Great results with the latest firmware on my Bolt and P1 pedal combo. Seems to be back to normal.

For reference, here is one from the prior firmware, with the problem.


Great news, thanks for the update :smile:

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Wahoo!! Great news!:grinning:

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I have tested the update and can also confirm the fix. Left right balance looks back to normal. I finished my ride with 48/52% which is where I normally am and it looked good throughout the ride too. :+1:


Do you still have the same problem ? Seems like a new update has been pushed by Wahoo on 3rd of September (version WB15-5525). Have huge balance difference (58-42) with a combo Powertap P1 + Wahoo Elemnt…

PS : Will try to capture it again with a Garmin unit as well during the week-end to see if it comes from Wahoo or the pedals.

Mine have been fine since the update

Did you get the last update Tom (released on 3rd of September)?

No, it was the previous one which fixed the issue. I haven’t updated to the next one yet