Breaking up Sweet Spot



Working my way through sweet spot base, and feeling a little mentally drained from the redundancy of the workouts. Does anyone ever take a break between volume I and volume II. Maybe complete a phase of Build in between the different volumes?

Newbie looking for advice (Choosing a Training Plan)

I don’t think this would be a recommended approach. Build phase is a lot harder than the Base phase. SSB1 and SSB2 go together to prepare a foundation from which you can tackle the work in Build. The phases are a progression of work, each preparing you for the next until you peak at the end of Specialty (ideally coinciding with your A event).

I would say see how you feel once you’ve completed SSB1. The last week is recovery so you’ll get a good break, but if you still need more, perhaps just repeat that recovery week again to get your head right.


There is a notable shift in SSB2. It includes more VO2 Max and Threshold work, that server as much more variety than the more pure SS in SSB1.

Take a week if you need to, but there is generally good progression if you move from 1 to 2 with nothing extra.


So the plan for sweet spot base is to do two 6 week sweet spot builds? I’m glad I read this as I thought you went straight to build from sweetsop’s base


It’s a common question.

But the first line in the Base Phase aims to indicate you do two 6-week plans, back to back.

  • “Sweet Spot Base has two consecutive six-week blocks: I and II. Time permitting, complete each block in order.”


You’re mixing up terms a little here. The progression is Base --> Build --> Speciality. Base has a few different flavors, but the most common is Sweet Spot Base which has 2 blocks (I and II).

So, let’s say I am new to structured training and I’m working up to a Century ride. I perhaps would select as my overall plan:

  • Sweet Spot Base I (Low Volume - 6 weeks)
  • Sweet Spot Base II (Low Volume - 6 weeks)
  • Sustained Power Build (Low Volume - 8 weeks)
  • Century Speciality (Low Volume - 8 weeks)


Thanks Chad and Julian! I hadn’t paid enough attention to that, I’ll update my plan (on the new cool calendar) and see how that lays out with my races…I’m hoping for some good changes this year!


Since we’re working on terms, “volumes” above should be “blocks” (see the pic I posted above).

“Volume” is for the difference in amount of time and days within any phase. The Low, Mid, and High Volumes are very different from the I & II Blocks for SSB.


True, good point. I should have said Blocks. I’ll edit it to avoid confusion.