Bug Reports for the new Desktop App

Hello everyone! We have a new beta that just finished building for Windows and Mac. Here are the new versions:

  • Windows: 2019.24.3.40
  • Mac: 2019.24.3.38

And here are the fixes:

  • Added a new modal to the app that will show Release Notes when changes are made
  • Fixed an issue with the sliders for Resistance and Standard mode in Device Settings
  • Fixed an issue where devices with long names would exceed the device card
  • Fixed an issue where the extend interval options would flicker when adjusting the intensity
  • Fixed an issue where the HTML wasn’t formatting properly for Outside Workouts under Goals
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t delete the default value when setting “Times to Repeat” for recurring workouts
  • Fixed an issue where “Workout Started” and “Workout Paused” weren’t appearing when Instructional Text was disabled
  • Fixed an issue where “Workout Started” would get stuck on the screen while in minimal mode @KickrLin @martinheadon @FatherDamo2
  • Fixed an issue where grandfathered pricing wasn’t showing correctly under Subscription Options

So you’ll see these notes now in the app, but we’ll still post them here. Have a great evening! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds like there might’ve been a couple of potential causes (Zwift, faulty lead) but I’ll take a look at your logs and see if I can find anything. If I do, I’ll issue it up for devs to take a look. Thanks for the report!

This is on a touch-screen laptop hooked up to a secondary display? I could see how we might run into some problems in that scenario. I can test this out myself, as well. Appreciate the report!

I believe the Vector 3’s will show up as one power meter, but the power that’s displayed is actually the dual-sided measurements being merged. The easiest way to test this out is to pair them to TR and then do some single-sided pedalstrokes to see if you’re getting power data from both sides.

I think this will be addressed in some future work that will be done with minimal mode.

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Yes. Surface pro 4.

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Had my Surface Pro4 many years a still get the disappearing mouse occasionally. Must admit its not as bad as the previous Dell touch screen device I had. Normally just press one area of screen to bring it back,

Haven’t had the issue with TR beta though, but I am using an external microsoft mouse when its plugged up in my garage through a USB hub. So many different configurations you can have!

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It’s never happened to me before (or at least that I’ve noticed it not coming back).

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Beta updates should now be available!

Windows: 2019.24.4.41
Mac: 2019.24.4.39

Release notes:

  • Fixed an issue with deleting a resumed ride
  • Fixed an issue where FTP/weight timestamps didn’t show in Account settings
  • Fixed an issue with the yellow workout progress marker flickering
  • Added a success banner when adding Other activities to your Calendar
  • Workout player divider will now remember its place @jlittle
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘No Power’ warning could disrupt workout

@mcneese.chad We’re hoping that last bullet point about the ‘No Power’ warning should give you a better experience during workouts (it shouldn’t pop up over and over and disrupt your ride). Still looking for the root cause of the dropouts, though.

Have a great weekend all!


Just some feedback that may help. First Erg mode dropped out after approx 10 mins and there was no ability to change it back to Erg as it had vanished.
Second time worked pretty good and then turned powermatch off half way for comparison and was definitely smoother.

Platform: Windows
Version: Production version
Devices: Tacx Neo 2/Vector 3s
Connection: Bluetooth
Mode: ERG

Worked perfectly except for a drop out approx. 1hr 22mins into workout where it appeared to freeze/drop out. Otherwise best version i have used so far! Thanks for the great work!!!

Platform: Windows
Version: 2019.24.4.41-Beta
Devices: Tacx Neo 2
Connection: Bluetooth
Mode: ERG

  • Platform: Windows
  • Version: .41
  • Devices: N/a
  • Connection: N/a
  • Mode: N/a

There’s some “weird” loading behaviour. I think it’s been present for a few versions but Im not 100% sure.

So when loading the software the calendar view loads in the right place (today) but then after the workout refresh (refresh icon stops spinning) it jumps to the next day without any workout complete. Right now I have an outside workout complete for today and an inside workout scheduled that I haven’t associated with it yet and after the software finishes it’s workout sync with the TRcloud the calendar view is jumping to my next timetabled workout which is next Tuesday.

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Worked perfectly except for freeze about 1hr 25mins into workout.

Platform: Windows
Version: 2019.24.4.41-Beta
Devices: Tacx Neo 2
Connection: Bluetooth
Mode: ERG

90 mins workout Saturday, zero dropout pop-ups.

Platform: Windows
Version: 2019.24.4.41-Beta
Devices: Wahoo Kickr SNAP
Connection: ANT+
Mode: ERG

First off, I suffered with major ERG drop outs until the release of the ‘Totally New Desktop App’ so from my point of view it works so much better. :+1:

I noticed though that during this Saturdays workout of Beacon the avg power after each interval was arounf 4% higher than required. This was all done in ERG mode, after the first three and feeling somewhat tired! I reduced the required power by 4% - result was that on the forth interval the avg power was spot on.
I noticed that throughout the workout the adjustment of power always seemed to be on the positive side, almost that the algorithm was biased to demand a higher power from the trainer?


  • Platform: Windows
  • Version: 2019.24.1.38
  • Devices: Wahoo Kickr 18, Quarq DZero Red
  • Connection: Ant+
  • Mode: Resistance

After completing the main intervals of my workout this morning and headed in to the cooldown I switched the mode from ERG to Resistance and left the resistance at the percentage that it defaulted to. Shortly after I felt a resistance spike then the Kickr settled into a reasonable resistance. I extended out the cooldown a few minutes and I experienced these resistance spikes a few more times before I called it a day. https://www.trainerroad.com/career/thebigbadox/rides/57650805-bashful

Hi , i did my first outside workout friday , it went great thanks for this feature . However using the 4 recommended fields it did not record my speed and distance i guess i have to add those fields to my garmin ? or do i have to switch to outside workout because it is now on inside ? i have a garmin edge 1030 . PS sorry if this has been asked before

You got it!

Thanks @danielm i changed this and will try tomorrow !!

It should have recorded your speed/distance. Can you link us to your finished TR/GC/Strava file?

On all head units that I know of, you don’t have to display a field to record it. IE if you don’t have a field showing distance it will still record.

Hi @Nate

This my ride link ( hope this is What you need )

Please note that my workout was done on the indoor profile of my garmin Edge 1030 ( Maybe gps was disabled and thus No speed and distance was recorded ? )

@Nate Hmmm that link didn’t work I think . Here is a picture Maybe you Can find iT in my profile ?

yes, the indoor profile disables GPS. Next time use another profile with GPS enabled.

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