Bulk Estimate TSS or Ignore TSS for old non-TR workouts



Would it be possible to allow us to either bulk estimate TSS on previously synced workouts OR allow us to flag them in bulk to be ignored?

I have 1000+ non-TSS estimated workouts and I’m not going to go back through them 1 by 1 to get an idea of my stress. I have made sure that this calendar year is estimated but it’d be nice to either estimate them OR to flag them so they don’t show in the No Training Stress past rides. I’m the sort of person who always has their email read.

I’m ok with the numbers not being entirely accurate or else I’d carefully estimate them.



+1 to this. I’d like to permanently dismiss the popup.



I’m a bit disappointed by the TR decision to not auto-estimate using hrTSS (like TP). I’ve heard Nate say “we can do better” but still waiting… My first season in 2016 was mostly without a power meter, and includes one or two handfuls of epic rides.

My workaround was to manually estimate TSS for just the epic rides. Unfortunately that leaves a large number of rides in the No Training Stress past ride feed which is annoying.

I’d love to bulk estimate those, and if that is rejected by TR for whatever reason, please give us the option to flag the rest as ignore.


By bulk estimate - do you mean let system assume they all at for 5 (or whatever)?


I requested this previously and agree the current system is very tedious.

Even if there isn’t an option to estimate based on HR (I can see valid reasons why not to do this), the current set up requires far too many clicks from a basic usability standpoint.

I think the best way would be to have a single screen (scrollable) with all of the non-TR/power rides displayed with a dropdown for TSS/RPE.


Yes, similar to the existing UI but it just applies to all unestimated records or prior to a date filter.


totally agree - this would be really useful, absolutely can’t be bothered to go back and update all of my history, but would like the comparative info.