Burnt Matches Calculator



Hi @Nate!

Performance Analytics is a very useful tool! Do you intend or plan to incorporate a tool that allows us to calculate “burnt matches” for our workouts / races based on a defined set of parameters that take into consideration time and % of FTP? This can help us users determine if we went too strong in the begininng of a race which is too spiky in power.



A potential (and personal) solution for this would be to go to the specific ride/race, and then to ‘Add Zone’ (top right of Power Zones section) add a custom zone based on either a watt number or a % of FTP and take a look at your time spent above a certain %/wattage.

You can use the selection tool to zoom in to take a detailed look at race/ride segments to see time spent in this zone, and create separate intervals to analyze sections even further and compare. I do this often for multi-lap races so that I can compare the start or 1st lap vs other laps, compare power data on climbs, long fireroad sections, and so-on.
Then in my post race notes I can mention how I felt and when, some notes on the post race analysis, and so on.

Doing the above won’t tell you the number of instances you went into that zone (you’d basically have to look and count), but I think since ‘burning a match’ is pretty subjective - being able to create custom intervals/zones and really drill down into your own race is a very awesome tool to have at your disposal.