CABLE ANT+ To BLE & Multiple Devices

I’ve been interested in TrainerRoad for a while now, but I would prefer to use my iPhone for the app than a computer. I have Garmin HRM, Speed, and Cadence sensors which are all ANT+ only. When I asked TR about the CABLE device last year, they said multiple sensors weren’t supported and that they had no plans of adding it.

Now that a year has past, I wanted to know if this is still a limitation or not? Zwift, Rouvy, and Sufferfest all support the CABLE device with multiple sensors.

I have a smart trainer that can do bluetooth now, but I would still like to have all of my sensors connected if possible.

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I use the Viiiva heart rate monitor which acts as a bridge between ANT+ and BLE. It works great bridging my speed/cadence, power, and heart rate in one piece. Works perfectly with TR and Zwift. Cost about $80 on Amazon. I highly recommend.

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To be clear, I use my iPad and phone with the Viiiva, as you describe you’d like to, and it works great. I don’t own a computer.

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