I just did my first 20 FTP test using TrainerRoad and blew it miserably. I have done many 20 min tests before, and i know that my optimal cadence is around 87, however I was not able to achieve the right cadence-gear-power this time around. I am curious to know if it has anything to do with how the resistance is set within TrainerRoad, and if anyone else has experienced this.


The 20 min test in TR does not have resistance set, its just down to your gear selection and pacing.


What trainer did you use?

If an interactive (smart) trainer, did it switch from ERG mode in the pre-test to Resistance mode in the 20 min segment?


Wait, there’s a pee-test? Another reason to do the Ramp instead :smile:


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Doesn’t the workout auto-switch to Resistance mode though in both the 20 and 8 min test?


I use an Elite Direto, and I believe it was done in ERG mode, but there was also a notice that fluctuations in resistance would occur during the 20 test portion, but I didn’t feel anything notable


OK, for the 20 Min test segment, the app switches from ERG (that sets the power) into Resistance mode (that requires you to set power via gearing selection and cadence).

You have to shift up or down to hit the power that you plan to hold during the test. It is NOT automatic in the 20 min segment.


Pay attention after 1:30


OK good to know, ultimately what was happening was that I was spinning to high to achieve my desired power, but then when I would shift down my cadence was way to low…the discrepancy of cadence seemed to be larger than usual. Who knows…maybe it was just me lol


I would recommend using the Ramp test next time, unless you want to use the 20-min test for some reason.


The previous link you sent made sense, definitely should have watched that first. I was all over the place with shifting in the warm up. Thanks for your help Chad!


The first time using TR for ftp testing I think it was a 20 min test. First discovery was that TR switched to resistance mode (good), and the default resistance setting on Kickr 2017 was too low for me (bad). I ended up playing around with resistance and then re-tested on another day.

If that is your problem, try using Free Ride 30 to find the correct resistance for your power/cadence/gear. Here is the link to the workout:


That would make sense. My past tests we on zwift (not in ERG) but I could do free rides on both platforms and make sure that everything feels right. Cheers!


Following up: I found what works best is for me to do my workouts in resistance mode, depending on the prescribed wattage I set the resistance accordingly. For example today I did Antelope + 2 and I needed to hit 327 and I wanted to be around 90rpm so I set my resistance to 33%. It took me a bit of riding on TR to become familiar with the ratios, but I think there should be some more emphasis on using the resistance settings in order to hit your targets, just like on the road; you would select the best route/grade/wind-direction to complete a workout.