Calendar bug maybe?



Most of the time if I’m scrolling up or down in my iPhone on the calendar, the weeks jump from one to another and I find myself losing where I am. For example I’ll scroll ahead one month then realise it’s jumped and I’m actually looking at next week or something similar. It never just scrolls and stays where it should be.
Anyone else having the same issue? Seems small but quite annoying and seems unstable from a user perspective.
@Nate might already know about this? I’m using an iPhone 6S


Yeah I’m having the same problem. It seems to jump forward and then jump back again and I become lost. I’m using an iPhone 5SE


Me too, iPhoneX


Same problem, it’s like a stutter of sorts. So I’m constantly looking to confirm which week I’m on.


Yeah that’s exactly it. A stutter and then I’ve no idea where I am


I’m having a similar problem with the pc desktop version.