Calendar feature request



Hi, I’m continuing to enjoy the new calendar functionality and have a couple of suggestions that would make it (from my point of view at least!) better.

The first thing would be to incorporate some sort of visual indicators on the graph at the top of the page showing up-coming races above each week they are scheduled. It could even just be “A”, “B” or “C”. I’d find this very helpful for visualising how the races correlate to where my fitness is (or is planned to be).

Secondly, would it be possible to allow the calendar to integrate with external calendars such as Google? Great for avoiding clashes when arranging social events and the subsequent wrath of angry friends and family members!

Both of these features are available in Training Peaks (something I’ve been using up until recently to manage my season).

Keep up the great work!


Agreed, syncing TR workouts to an external calendars would be great. It looks like all the features you’re requesting are planned to be added eventually according to this post from TR.


Please Book mark this page:

You will see that syncing is on the Future Planned List


It would be nice to have the option on the calendar/day page to select a similar workout or variation, as per the app, where you can select the + or - versions of the workout.
I have populated my calendar with general build mid volume, but can only do 60 min rides, and the weekday rides are 75 to 90 min. I had to delete the ride and then search for the - version of the ride.


I like that idea and expect them to incorporate it at the calendar level.

But you can already grab the alternate version from the mobile app when you open the planned workout. It is under the “Workout Variants” section, just below the workout info.



I have another request for the graph on the top. I do a lot of workouts outside mimicking TR workouts. Since they recorded with my Garmin they are not marked as TR workout, even though they are very close. Can you add a thrird category like “structured workout” that you and a third color (between the two shades of green), so that I can see how much of my riding is structured or free. Optimal I could add the time, for example if the first hour was structured and then I kept on riding for an other hour.



Love the new calendar, really well done. I’d like to see a weekly TSS ramp rate at the bottom of each weeks total TSS. It’s one of the main metrics I track in TP.