Calendar Mac Update - We will do better



Thanks for listening and responding. Customer service goes a long way.


Mistakes can always happen. It’s all about how to deal with it. You (TR) did very well. Great attitude.


I would echo all of the praise given to TrainerRoad team about the customer experience. You guys are phenomenal and put out a top notch product.

Also, to the hyper sensitive folks who got all bent out of shape. This happens with technology releases at any company and all levels. I work for a Fortune 500 company on a team that does this exact thing. It’s all about how you respond, and the TrainerRoad team was there at the drop of the dime.

I quote Aaron Rodgers - R-E-L-A-X



Yes it is on the calendar. But i want to be able to see my progress in the plan i am on as well as the descriptions of the weekly goals.

I also don’t see anywhere that says that i am actually on a specific plan. I just see a bunch of workouts added far into the future that may or may not get done on those specific days.

There should be a specific plan view as there has always been.


That should be added online in the next 2 weeks. Here’s what we are adding to mac today.


I’m on a mac (high sierra 10.13.6) using safari 12.0.
I added my new training plan to the calendar the other day and last night this prompt popped up.
“You’re currently on Short Power Build - Mid Volume. Add it to your calendar.” even though I’ve already added it.
I’m worried if I add it again it will double it up and will have to delete one manually.
I’m worried to dismiss the prompt because maybe the one I added is somehow corrupt.
Any advice?
You can see the original ‘start’ of short power build and subsequent workouts under the weird poop annotation.

Just did a quick search on here but couldn’t find it here.


I had this too and I just clicked Dismiss since I knew I’d added the plan already. Worked fine and nothing broke, so I was happy. I don’t know what would have happened if I’d added it again. But, after playing around with the calendar feature, deleting a whole training plan is really easy, so I suspect it would be a quick fix.

As an aside, I hope you’re feeling better :poop: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Haha thanks. I was worried I would lose my ramp test. I just closed the tab the page was opened in, so I didn’t dismiss or add. If it pops up again I’ll deal with it based on the feedback here. Good to know nothing happened to your plan when you dismissed.


The mac update showing your planned workouts is now released. We’ve got more to do but this should get everyone training again.


Frankly, this is a mess. it doesn’t make any reference to me doing a plan or progress in a plan whether I am accessing the online version or the iPhone app or the mac app.

My wife’s plan just disappeared after she accidentally closed the pop up window to add her plan to the calendar. We followed the directions to add her plan back but accidentally picked the wrong volume program she was on so now her calendar has a bunch of workouts that are not accurate and out of sync with what she was doing.

I appreciate your transparency and communication but these builds should have never been rolled out as a finished release. I don’t like paying money to be a beta tester.

Here is the screen and functionality I would like returned:


The update is great, thanks Nate and TR team. I really appreciate the effort to get this interim solution up and going. I’m excited to get the full functionality in the future, but for now I’m really happy to be able to just see my next workout in the app and get going. Thanks.


Love the calendar and have been eagerly anticipating its release. One question though (and I’m not sure if it’s been asked or flagged yet), when I add a trainerroad triathlon plan to the calendar, the brick sessions don’t show up on the calendar - any fixes for this in the pipeline?


Yes, this is an over site and I think it’s already been fixed. You could manually add them or remove the plan and re add and they should be there.


Personally i have found the mild inconvenience of the MAC workaround minor as the calendar feature is so awesome


PLEASE would it be possible when the MAC update comes to add in _‘extend warm-up / cool down’ function?

Fully appreciate you guys have a lot on your plate at present doing awesome stuff but ATM having to load 3 workouts for every session is a little long winded.

If it were possible would be super awesome.

Loving calendar. MASSIVE THUMBS UP.


We are almost done with that, it could make beta a week from Monday. If not then, the week after that.

Of course I’d something goes wrong we might miss those targets.


Thanks @Nate - just thought i’d mention so it was on the radar whilst you redo the app.

All other aspects are epic … its just that lil tweak would make life super easy. Thanks for listening and the update :+1:


@Nate Thanks for the quick interim fix and response to everyone’s concerns re the Mac app! It’s great to see you guys are committed to your customers, wish every company was as dedicated as you.

Looking forward to the full update. Keep up the great work.


Thanks Nate for the update, but like this post says, it would be great if we could see our training plan returned. While the update today shows what our next ride is, it doesn’t show our completed rides from our training plan, and I often redo a ride to try to do better, but I can not longer see past rides.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re working on it all - here’s hoping we can return to the functionality we used to have and then you add elements on top.

With thanks


@Nate you are right that people including me were cross but one of the best things always about TrainerRoad is the pride you take in your product and the way that you listen to and value your customers feedback. It is a great product and you will never go wrong if you keep that approach when things don’t always go as planned.

The transparency and speed of your response is a credit to you and your team and why people like me continue to trust your product, even when there are blips. The quick fix Mac upgrade is well timed and I’m glad to get the pedals turning again. I look forward to exploring the Calendar functionality more in future as it increasingly integrated.


@samblacksam Don’t you see your past rides under the Career section? After applying the patch yesterday, I see my list of past rides in Career section and future rides in the Calendar section.