Calendar Mac Update - We will do better


It takes some time, especially on IOS


Switch to Devices or Workouts, and then switch back to force a refresh.


Usually takes a minute to show up. Try closing app. Reopen. If it’s not there try going off wifi then reopen app.


Big shot-out to the TR crew @Nate as this past Thursday they released an update to the MacOs App which included extended Warm Ups and Cool Downs! I did a WO on Thursday then I uploaded and only today I noticed it…
The released notes mentioned something else, but that’s what I noticed so far

Hopefully this is the right thread… but since I don’t want to duplicate anything I posted in here… please tell me if it’s better to create a new specific thread on MacOs App.


Really? Ive done workouts every day this week and I haven’t noticed the extended warmup/cool down feature. There was an update (Wed I think) that merged Past Rides and Calendar, but I didn’t notice anything else. How are you accessing the extended cool down function? What version of MacOS are you running?


I think it’s the beta version I think. @Pete would know!

Pete, is extended cooldown/warmup in the Mac beta yet?


@Nate is there a plan to make the iOS App useable as a standalone? So I can do what I can do on the website on the app.

The website is kind of a pain to use on a mobile device, especially when you are trying to add text to the comments section. You can’t scroll up and down (i.e. if you’re adding multiple lines of text), so it becomes difficult to edit.

Love the calendar, and the software, I’ve stopped using other training calendar programs, it’s amazing to have everything in one place…would just like to stop having to use my work laptop to edit things and be able to simply use my phone or iPad.

Thanks!! Keep up the amazing work!


That is exactly the plan. Be able to use only the app without ever hitting the website.

There will always be some things that can be done better on a full screen desktop, but we want all the apps to be fully standalone and no have to do the lame swap between app and web that we do today.

In short we’ve done a big web focus recently, now we’re doing a big app focus.




this thread got me to download the beta and I launched app (w/o connecting to devices) and can see extended warmup. Thinking of trying the OS X app again this week!


Yeah, sorry I had to mention I’m on the Beta…
I recommend you to give it a try… some small bugs, but so far nothing hindered from working out/saving…
@Pete @Nate small bug is that I have to force quit TR app from the apple menu before shutting down the system


Yep, extended warmup and Cooldown is in the newest Mac Beta. @julianoliver Make sure you are running version number 2018.46.0.86264.


@Matte86 Thanks for the heads up, I’ll check it out.


I was thinking about this today. With Apple announcing Marzipan this would make this much easier for the TR developers? One code base for both iOS and Mac. I would think the TR app is the sort of app that would be a good fit for Marzipan.


Is there a way to x out of the extend warmup / cooldown if we decide not to do it? Gets in the way of whatever I am watching. I’m being a little picky, if not, no big deal, I’m still going to stick with TR.


It’s moving to the tool bar so it’s less obtrusive.