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I have a related issue. After watching (as much as I could, before the quality bombed out after 50 minutes) the latest podcost and hearing how we could enter all kinds of things in there, I decided to enter some of my upcoming, qualifying, brevet events. A series of 200, 300, 400 and 600 km is required to qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris in August 2019 (1200+ km in max 90 hours).

The short rides went kind of ok. I used estimations of 10 hours (200 km), 13 hours (300 km), 22 hours (400) and 35 hours (600). I usually do them quicker, but I’ve been known to have these times too.

The TSS actually falls and when I get to 600 km, it bombs out and becomes a negative value. The only way I could get around it was to set the effort to Custom and TSS of 0. Believe me, doing a 600 km ride and aiming for under 30 hours is a bit of an effort, not 0. :slight_smile:

So even if it would be difficult to estimate TSS based on distance, it isn’t working based on time either.



Oh, that’s a bug. I’ve reported it and we’ll get it scheduled to fix.


In the meantime, I’m as happy as a lark. It’s nice to get an idea about how to plan further down the road. My “events” start in April and continue the season out. By putting in the rides I have to do, I can see how my training plan will pan out a few months down the road. Very good. I can live with the TSS for now.

Take the week-end off :sunny:


I’m also looking forward to calendar syncing with 3rd party calendars.

In the meantime is it possible to provide a method to download my planned workouts in a csv or excel format? I’m sure most are comfortable enough to manipulate something like that into a file that can be manually import to google calendar. Not too bothered about time of day and if I was I don’t mind adding those in myself (not sure of the benefit of having time of day within the trainerroad calendar but could be useful in my google calendar I suppose).


I’m using external calendar sync with Google Cal today. I believe there are a few bugs left and some design work and we’re done. No promises on launch, but it feels close.


is it possible to add the option to record weight into the calendar. I like to record my weight in the mornings after my rides. Maybe under the other Option.



Comments elsewhere indicate that weight tracking is something they plan to add.


Thanks, been off the forum for a while, allot has happened, allot has been missed :wink:
I can’t see, when did Nate post that posting ?


No problem. Lots going on. I added a related link in my reply above.


Got it, clicked on his posting and it took me to the original.



Copying Annotations; Add my Plus 1 for copying annotations please.

  1. I have put in a note each day for the type of workout: Aerobic endurance. Threshold etc. That way I can think, that race or that outdoor session is a substitute for… and it also helps me focus on teh purpose of teh session.
  2. I label the start of that week as the training plan name and week number (so I know where I am in teh sequence). Easy enough to do, but a copy annotation from one week to teh next would simplify this (Trivial request I know).

I would like to copy the annotations to subsequent weeks, but it looks as if I have to type them in manually. (Group copy would be even better :))




I’m in exactly the same boat with Paris-Brest-Paris coming up. The max TSS that I was able to enter for any of my upcoming brevets was 3500 before the form errored out.

Any of my 1000km brevets tend to break TrainerRoad! The calculated TSS on my 1020km event last year ended up being -7500! :rofl:Sounds luxurious.


Yeah, I had to split Paris-Brest-Paris into 24 hour chunks (except for the first and last day). The same for a 1000 km brevet I have in July.

Edit: Join us over in the Audax team … Just search for Audax among the teams.