Calendar problems on iOS?


I used to be able to view the swim and run workouts in safari on IOS after clicking through to the website from the app. Now when I do this it brings me to the page of the workout, but i can’t scroll it down to the notes and see the workout. It is super annoying. Is this just me or did something change?


I’m having the same problem on my iPhone


@AndrewL @GeorgeAnderson I found this issue yesterday and reported it to our Test Team. They are currently looking into it so you should see a fix come out sometime soon. :slight_smile:


@AndewL @GeorgeAnderson I was just notified that this issue should be fixed now!


It’s fixed now Ian. Thanks for reporting it


Thanks for fixing this. Is there any way the notes box can be expanded so we don’t have to make it scroll with the cursor? Thanks again.


It still doesn’t work on my phone. I can’t see the whole description. And when I try to select any of the text my keyboard comes up.



I’m also seeing the same issue where I can’t see all of the text in the notes box as it’s not possible to either expand or scroll the box