Calendar Update: Quickly Estimate Training Stress for Rides with No Power Data!



Now you can quickly estimate your Training Stress Score (TSS)® for your outdoor rides directly from Calendar!

When scrolling through Calendar, the rides you have synced from Strava and Garmin Connect that do not have power data will show an option to "Estimate Stress".

How to Estimate Training Stress

Simply select the “Estimate Stress” option to begin estimating the training stress for your ride. From the “Ride Intensity” drop-down menu in the Past Ride Details box, select an intensity between 1-10, or choose “custom” to define your own training stress.

From the box, you can also edit any other details for that ride, including your ride’s name and FTP, and select if you’d like to include your ride’s TSS in your Training Stress and Personal Records Chart.

Another option for estimating your TSS more quickly: Outside of Calendar, the “Estimate Stress” has also been added to the Past Rides page. This means you no longer have to go into the actual ride details to update your TSS! :slight_smile:

For a full list of Calendar’s latest released features, check out this post.


Awesome update!

Now if only it would assign some pre-defined value to cummutes so I don’t have to do this hundreds of times a year I’ll be a happy bunny!


@chelsea thanks for the update!

My problem:

It is not feasible to manually update 462 workouts, even with this improved workflow.

Would love a bulk update feature!


Unfortunately no. This process should make things much quicker, but the nature of the tool is to be able to estimate how hard each individual ride was for us to estimate TSS. Bulk estimates would be incorrect data in most cases.


For what its worth, my rides with no training stress are mostly titled “AM Commute” and “PM Commute” which are roughly 20-30 minute efforts. I’ve played around and am happy with assigning ALL the rides an RPE of 4, because having 0 TSS is far less accurate than swagging everything at 4. Right now it looks like I didn’t ride in 2016!

Thanks again for posting this update!