Can't see garmin activities on trainerroad calendar


I properly synced trainer road with garmin connect.

Trainerroad activities are uploaded automagically on garmin connect and that’s ok, but trainerroad doesn’t show garmin activities (running, swimming…).

How can I solve the issue?


Best way to get this solved would be to raise a ticket with Trainer Road.


They are not synced from garmin to trainerroad at this point, it’s in the pipeline!


Hey Giovanni,

Unfortunaetly, we don’t have a way to import running and swimming workout into TrainerRoad quite yet. Developing support for these workout types is on our Development Roadmap, however, we have a few other major projects in the pipline before we can make that a reality. For now, any non-cycling workouts will need to be manually created and checked off.

I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you :pensive:


it sounds wierd to me, as I read the official FAQ and it says:

"Our Ride Sync feature allows you to automatically upload all completed TR workouts to your Garmin Connect account, and automatically adds all completed Garmin Connect workouts to TrainerRoad

Once Garmin Connect is connected, all your future completed rides will automatically sync to both accounts."

anyway it’s not a big issue itself, but it’s confusing and a timeloss for writing all of this.


You’re totally right, we need to edit the phrasing there. That was written back when we did not have the capability to schedule runs and swims, so all running and swimming planning and tracking had to take place outside of TrainerRoad. The cycling workouts will sync both ways, however, TrainerRoad is not equipped to handle runs, swims, or other workouts at this time.

I’ve passed your feedback along to our Designers :+1:

EDIT: We are changing the phrasing in that article as we speak


Is there any update on the status of run and swim (and other type, i.e.: hike, strength, etc.) workouts into TR calendar?


This feature is still on the backburner for now :pensive:. It is very much on our roadmap, but it is in line behind some other features unfortunately.

Bringing Calendar functionality to the app is currently our #1 priority, which is, and has been, a major development undertaking.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you today.


No worries… i like the progress of the calendar so far… I’m playing catchup with the podcasts and that keeps me up on most of the calendar updates