Catch 22 on VO2 work


Spot on! I do the first 20ish minutes of ‘Laurel’ as a warmup.


They do but I am finding doing the first 15 minutes or so of Taku before the workouts dedicated warmup to be working pretty well. It’s also been enough that I feel properly warmed coming to the first interval set of the VO2 workout.


All done with my booster program on Tueaday and finished with spencer (5 lots of 3min intervals). Didn’t manage them at prescribed 120% but did keep them at about 110-115%. Really enjoyed the variation of this mini plan and certainly felt like I progressed. In terms of ftp…rest for few days now and then ramp at start of ssb2 on Monday.


Post results!


True. But you’ll see the 5AM start times in both of my rides above - I’m already at my minimum sleep limit! I think now that I know that works, I can get there in the first few intervals of a session (like I did with English) and be on target for most.


Great work @RobertSims. Curious how your progression went - were you able to do 2 or 2.5-minutes at 120%?


Could do 90 secs at 120 ok, and hit Mills +1 spot on and felt good (That is 2 min intervals but do 45 secs at 120% then slow decline for remaining 1:15 to 110%.

Did Dade+1 (2.5 min intervals) and again about 115% and similar with Spencer (3 min intervals).


Yeah, I have my 2, 2.5 then 3-minute workouts coming Saturday, Tuesday and next Saturday. Wondering how much I’ll be able to hold at 120%.


Anybody done Gawler from Chad’s mini plan? I did it tonight and it’s possibly my new worst workout - well till I try Spencer again next week!


Those 30-sec. recoveries look brutal :grimacing:


According to the TR library, there are 230 VO2max workouts…anyone up for a crazy idea?!? :crazy_face::laughing::thinking:

WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018

Hahaha! The next Disaster challenge? Fewest days to do all VO2 workouts?

WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018

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What’s the most efficient way to do that mid workout?


Love how this thread has progressed and it’s great to see TR users crushing their VO2 workouts.

I swear that once the mind is in the right gear, everything else follows. 3+ minutes is always going to push you (and me!) but it does get easier and you begin to relish the challenge.

Workouts like Whiteface add the extra level as you don’t drop much below FTP during the VO2 sections. I’m in no hurry to go back there anytime soon!


Well ramp test tonight and…Dropped by 10w (from 291 to 280w). Bit disappointed but legs just didn’t have it. Couldn’t believe how hard I pushed myself last time (and was big rise up to 291w), mentally just didn’t seem to be able to push myself quite as hard as last time - felt like pushed to 9.5 out of 10 this time…felt like pushed 11 out of 10 last time!

However feel 280w is more realistic to my true ftp and funny enough the v02 workouts I did on this booster plan I always had to drop most from 120% to 110-115%…but they would have been at 120% with my new ftp.

Still v pleased with the plan I’ve done and now start ssb2 with more confidence in v02 abilities.


Good thread, and good read. I just had Taylor -2 this morning, and frankly it felt pretty easy. HR only crested into Tempo on the final interval when I jammed it at 160-170% of FTP. I never came close to maxing my oxygen uptake, and my legs weren’t really limiting during the 30/30 sets at 120%. About three intervals into the second set, I considered cranking it up to 125% but didn’t, thinking it would build. It did… but it didn’t. I’ve been poking around today to see if I should crank intensities up on Bluebell and follow on VO2 workouts because I’m awesome or something, but instead I’ll try them as fragged and trust that this is just the intro during Base… the VO2max will really hit hard come week 5.


The M key switches mode.


The 30s intervals may feel easier (than 2-3 minute VO2) and never get your HR really high, but what you’re describing does sound too easy. When was your last FTP test?


I tested a week ago at the start of SSB2MV. I had a 7% FTP increase from the SSB1 test. Kaweah was very difficult, but I got through it. I had to dial down and eventually bail on Geiger +2 after an hour due to excessive fatigue from some hard manual labor last week in addition to Kaweah. So I think my FTP is probably correct right now, but I was frankly really surprised at how easy Taylor -2 felt, and especially that my HR never got above 154, which is the top end of my zone 2, until I hammered the last 30s.

I think I’ll probably start Bluebell next Monday as designed, and if the 1-minute intervals feel the same as the 30/30s did, I’ll raise the power up to 125% or 130% and see how that goes.

All that said, most of my life I’ve been pretty good at shorter, more intense efforts and for a smaller guy I’ve always been pretty explosive when it comes to lifting (particularly squats and deadlifts), jumping, and running (my best event in track was the 800). It may be that those superthreshold intervals are more of my wheelhouse even though I’ve spent my entire cycling career as a steady state rider (triathlete). I’m not saying I should go out and dominate crits, because I don’t think that suits my pure power output, more that VO2-level work may be more of a natural strength than I know. I’m sure coach Chad’s plans will flesh that out for me.


Sure sounds like your FTP is accurate enough @nash031 . Still, what you describe - having to go all the way up to 160-170% FTP to work hard in VO2 intervals is way beyond what people normally talk about in terms of one athletes tendencies toward either steady state or short power. What’s your trainer, bike, power meter setup?