Catch 22 on VO2 work


If you have Mills coming up next, you could do Dade -1 instead. It’s similar to Mills (9 x 2 min at 120%) but without the power drops. So definitely more of a challenge. Or if you really want to get the blood flowing, there’s Dade. I’m in awe of anyone that makes it through that one.


Yep, was just looking at Mills and thinking that the drop off might not be great. I guess I’ll see how I feel on Monday and either crank it up or try Dade -1. Thanks.


Thanks for the suggestion. I plugged Dade -1 in place of Mills and it definitely checked the box. Much more in line with what I thought VO2 max should feel like. Made it through, didn’t dial anything up this week, but kept power about 2% above target until the last two intervals when I just hung on for dear life. Good workout,


Chaps, a heads up for Powell-1. Allowed for a nice progressive build-up so by the time I was hitting the big boys I was hyperventilating early in the interval maximising accumulated VO2max time.

I was unable to hold 120% at the end but the experience clearly demonstrated that VO2max can be achieved with lower power. No ways I could hold recommended 110rpm though.

Generally, for looking after healthy knees (on an ageing body), I prefer to get VO2max adaptation via a lower power.


So this progression has probably taken a bit longer than planned/expected… but thats ok :slight_smile: I purposelly made it a bit longer by riding the alternates coach chad suggested so ended up with more workouts done… and some other small modifications by listening to what I needed either physically or mentally. I am glad to be done though. Just Andrews on Saturday ahead of a ramp test to start general build on Tuesday.


So… it was ramp test day. Good for a 2.7% bump. Unsure if the same would have occurred just jumping into general build… but… I look towards general build with a lot more confidence than I would have coming off the back of SSB LV.


looking for any thoughts on slowly working up from 30 sec intervals to 90 sec. I’m struggling at 90 sec, and trying to decide the value of a Taylor progression (-3 to -1 to Taylor) before moving up to 60 seconds.

However I successfully completed Bluebell (3 sets of 6x1min) a month ago, so maybe its better to start with a Bluebell progression.

Or I could go with laddering from 30 to 40 to 60 as per Coach Chad’s recommendation. Perhaps for psychological reasons I’m really looking to nail the ones under 90 seconds before moving to 2+ minutes.

For context its always been difficult for me to do longer vo2max intervals on the road, however in Spring 2017 I was up to two at 5-7 minutes on a single ride. That was before buying a trainer and signing up for TR.


Do you experience any temperature drift with that setup? I find that the cadence for a given power goes up and I wonder if the vector 3 pedals are to blame.


I’ld suggest trying the progression that Coach Chad has posted elsewhere.

“Gendarme or Taylor -2, Stanislaus -4, Freel +1, Bashful, Baird +2, Mills or Gawler, Dade +1, then finally something awful like Spencer.”


Personally I found the opposite with my Fluid 2 - the resistance increased as the fluid warmed up, so I’d have to slow my cadence or shift into an easier gear to stick to target power.


Exactly this.

I don’t have anything scientific, just anecdotal. I previously ran a PowerTap rear hub power meter before the Vector3s. Usually, during the first 10-20 minutes warming, I would notice that resistance would change somewhat wherein if I wanted to nail a certain power, I would have to lower my cadence if in the same gear as the trainer and tire warmed. For example, I could start a higher power interval at 105rpm, but by the end of the interval I might be running 102-103rpm to maintain target power. That was consistent between power meters over the years, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the Vector pedals.

With the Conti Hometrainer tire setup the past couple of years, I even noticed a difference in workouts like Hunter where during the 15 min recoveries, the tire and fluid would cool enough that my cadence would need to be higher at the start of the next work interval, and then a few minutes in cadence would come down. I think the Hometrainer runs so much cooler than a regular road tire that the effects on the trainer drum and fluid heating are slower to occur, but again, nothing scientific to back that up.

With my setup, sometimes I’d have to hunt gears because I was running an old 9-speed road cassette on the trainer wheel. If I were setting up a new wheel-on trainer, I’d put an 11-21 cassette on the trainer wheel and go.


Better than my current situation… in order to maintain power you can see speed/cadence slowly increase. Makes those longer VO2 intervals a bit of a challenge mentally since I’d like to be right around 105 for those… my gear spacing isn’t the greatest either, mostly a 10 rpm shift, but is typical for MTB/climbing.


I finally got my replacement Kickr Core in time for Spencer +2 this morning, and it made that workout so much better being in erg mode. Previous VO2 workouts I would settle in at 102 and want to get higher, but I’d have to overspin if I went up in gearing to maintain target power. This morning I set cadence at 105-107 and just held it while erg/powermatch did the rest. I was able to push until I was about ready to fall off the bike without the extra cognitive load required to shift and watch power like a hawk.


This season I am noticing how VO2max workouts are relatively easier for me to execute and recover from than endurance and tempo. I end up bumping up intensity of the intervals by 5-8 percent and still feel fresh the next day. Anything z2-z3 I feel still fatigued 2-3 days after.

Being in base I have yet to hit threshold intervals but I am already dreading them.


I would have a good look at what you do in the 3 or so days leading up to your VO2 max efforts. Don’t forget that sweetspot sessions can be destructive and doing anything other than endurance or recovery leading up to the VO2 efforts will not leave you fresh. Consider your VO2 effort session as a KEY session, treat it with the respect it deserves and be fresh for the session. if you are fresh and still cannot do the session then perhaps adjust your numbers or better still just back pedal for 10 - 15 seconds in the middle of the effort. Good luck.