Chain Waxing Tutorial

I would be more worried about cooling than heating the chain. Of course, I wouldn’t go too hot but assuming you are heating around 100C to evaporate the water, I wouldn’t be concerned. I would gather that SS would be capable of much higher temperatures. Ductility is not really a concern either. If you chilled it too much, embrittlement would be more of a concern. Of course you could argue that thermal cycling is a concern but tbh with you, by the time you replace the chain I would guess that all of these issues are not a concern.

If you REALLY want to get nerdy, just google the properties of SS and you can do a thermal expansion calculation here

Worst case with a heat gun reaching 600C using alpha of 12.5 (worst case), you are looking at .7% expansion of the material. I have no idea if this would be a concern or not but again, cooling is more of a concern than heating. Also, only a moron would heat the chain to 600C. I would not be concerned. Just dont heat the chain to 600C…

Ok. 599c it is then :grin:

But on a serious note, good information.

Absolutely nothing to worry about.

How do you know if it is burnt?

Check the Zen master document. From memory, he said it cools to a grey colour no longer black.

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First time waxer. Bike is on my Kickr Core. What’s the best way of cleaning off the wax from the bike frame? I’ve vacuumed up the floor fine with a shop vac. I’m guessing I should have took it for a spin outside for the first ride?

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Can you buy new chains already waxed?

Installed this last week. Cheapest chain I could find in the US. (Dura Ace chain). I didn’t want to deal with all the mineral spirits etc. I purchased MSW to rewax. Still need to find a cheap crock pot at the local Goodwill. Quick shipping.

That price seems almost too good to be true for a degreased and waxed Dura Ace chain… assume you are happy with what showed up?

Yes, purchased 2 maybe will get a 3rd. Arrived with race dust! He’s local cyclist who runs a small company. I didn’t even realize he was local but had remembered seeing him on strava. He’s also a cycling coach.