Chain Waxing Tutorial


It’s fairly new I think, I only found out about the reusable version a few months ago.


Nothing you can’t vacuum up in a minute


I know a lot has been said about the risks of reusable chain links, but I figured I’d throw in my $0.02. I’ve been using reusable 10 speed KMC missing links on multiple 11 speed Ultegra drivetrains for the last 2 years without any issues. I rewax my chains every 2-3 weeks so I’m constantly taking them on and off. I’ve never had any issues and once measured the width and it was only a 0.1mm difference. I ride about 6-9 hours a week between the trainer and road fwiw. I did have a Wipperman link break on me, but I think it was my fault as it was likely upside down.


I’ve been using YBN Ti-Nitride chains with YBN Quick links that are re-usable 5 times.


Some follow up questions @Jonathan

Which wax is this? Molten Speed Wax? That is meant to last at least 550km.

How many times did you reuse this link before it broke?



I’ve bought a few Wipperman chains as there was a good deal and I know the links are reusable. I am getting a bit scared to use the chains at all now, reading this thread. I’ve been using KMC and I have had anything issues. I’ve never reused a link though.


Molten Speed Wax is wonderful. I use it exclusively, but honestly after about 100-200 miles on the road it starts to get loud so I just reapply. It’s so easy to wax the chain once it’s been waxed previously (just let the crock pot heat up and drop it in), that sometimes I do it once a week. 1lb still lasts a long time for me though. I realize that chain noise/squeak doesn’t necessarily imply a loss of lubrication or added friction, but you have to follow “the rules” or we’re no different than the animals (sorry, John Wick movie reference…). At first chain waxing seemed like a lot of work for not a lot of return to me, but it’s so simple and intuitive that I don’t think I’ll ever put a liquid lube on my chain again.


Yup, I’ve never had a KMC Missing Link pop off on me. I’ve heard KMC manufactures Shimano chains, but I can never find KMC chains for less than Shimano Ultegra ones, so I haven’t tried them yet.

The key thing with KMC is to get the reusable ones. I’ve not yet found an 11 speed KMC reusable Missing Link though. The 11 speed ones I’ve seen are all single-use only, just like the Shimano ones.


Yeah I know the squeak issue. When I started using UFO drip, I got into a 100km sportive and 10km in squeak…squeak…squeak…squeak…I couldn’t ride in any pack due to the embarrassment. It was annoying me, but I couldn’t sprint away from my bike no matter how hard I tried :grinning: (I now carry a very small contain of lube with me)

I understand that once you get setup with waxing, it would be an easy process, like tubeless. I am sure it would save me time as I now wash my bikes and chains (thoroughly) every 1-2 weeks. My concern is the quick links. It sounds like the reusable aren’t reusable and I don’t want to be throwing them away every week (environment).


@biermant do you have a product name or number so I can find it on Amazon or some other website.


KMC Missing Link 10-speed Reusable

My LBSs stock them and I’ve put around 10,000 miles on them on Ultegra 6800 and 8000 drivetrains. Like they say on the podcast I’m an n+1 experiment, so It may not be perfect and I’m sure Shimano wouldn’t recommend it. It works very well for me though with no degradation of shifting performance or failures.


Any premature wearing of cassettes?


Yes, Molten Speedwax. YMMV.

That was the second time it was reused. I’ve had a reusable link break once before, causing me to come down on my top tube (yep, in the worst way you could imagine), breaking my frame and causing a hard fall. After that and the subsequent link break, I don’t much care to test a reuse guarantee. :slight_smile:


It’s a UK link but should be available elsewhere I’d imagine


I use Molten speed wax for more then a year now. I use two identical Squirt/KMC chains. I had a chain go almost 400km before it was too noisy, but also chains being loud before 150km.
I have not found out, what parameters cause the different results. So the result is pretty variable.
On the trainer, I use a different bike and stopped using wax, using oil based lube instead. Much less maintainance.



Have people much success with the drip/liquid style waxes? Or the wend wax stick, which does come in awesome colours.

Thinking about getting the chain nice and clean via boiling water and muc-off degreaser in a jam jar and they trying it out.


How does this compare to Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube(wax & water)?


Has anyone ordered PTFE powder online? I can only imagine the delays coming through customs ordering from Aliexpress.


Can you use that link for an 11s?


Thanks for the link! I’ll have to pick some hp