Chain Waxing Tutorial


A few questions about longevity/maintenance/technique before my first attempt at waxing:

  1. Maintenance between waxings? Just redo after every dirty ride? Worth it even for muddy CX and gravel?
  • I’ve seen water and light degreasers being used to clean the outside to scrub off dirt for road. What about MUDDY mud situations?
  1. Using cold water to lock the wax in?
  • Instead of hanging to dry, dump in cold water? The logic is that the wax runs out of a warm chain, cold water traps wax inside.

PS – nice tire and chain rack and thanks as always for the guidance!


That sounds like a great idea. I too am curious about this.


Catching up on all of this in very late fashion, but the link was installed 100% properly. I’m no n00b when it comes to mechanics :wink:

The link had been installed and removed with proper tools one time prior, and was installed with proper tools.

I think what you are missing is the fact that these links are made of very small amounts of metal that are not immune to fatigue and damage, and when installed properly, there is significant strain and force placed on the locking interface.

In one case the link simply pulled apart, leaving the pin and the outer portion of the link bent (when I didn’t crash). However, looking back through past rides, I did have another break earlier this year have no clue how the link broke as I was moving at a fast rate of speed and yardsaled on a mountain side. The remnants of the quicklink were nowhere to be found.

I have no personal biases for or against quicklink companies, I just feel it’s my responsibility to honestly share my experience.

For me, the cost of a quicklink is far easier to swallow that the cost of hospital bills and risk of severe injury. Just my $.02.


Great question, and one best suited for a chemist. I simply follow directions when it comes to chemical science :slight_smile:


Oh I know mate. I don’t think I suggested you didn’t install it properly. Apologies if it came across like that, never my intent.

Thanks mate.
It seems like the Connex link you had and what I have here are different. As the video shows, there’s no “locking” mechanism and thus no tools are required. Like I mentioned, I joined and unjoined the chain in my hand a few times by accident when playing with it as it just falls into place once lined up without any force what so ever. Hence why I am gaining confidence in the Connex link as there’s no stress/snap/lock in going on when join, it just sits in place without a stress on the metal. The only stress it is given is when you pedal, like all other links. To add to that, the quick link is bigger than the other links, so if anything, it might be stronger.

I understand. I considered only using this Connex link a limited number of times, say 3, rather than unlimited uses like it is advertised for but due to the way this Connex link connects I am not sure how to decrement “uses” for this link as I am not sure how to define a “use” in relation to how it works.

Am I making any sense?


These were all Connex links?

And I appreciate the information. The more honest information from experience we can compile here, the better we are all for it.
Thanks @Jonathan


That’s what it sounds like to me. My connex links are no-tools. The design is rather surprising, and it seems so loose/flimsy once you figure out how to set it, but I think that’s the trick: its exceedingly unlikely to end up in that orientation in normal use.

The biggest thing I think is to make sure you install it in the correct orientation (the link halves are not symmetric). I printed out a blowup of the diagram showing the correct orientation and keep that on the wall in a few places.



Yes that’s the conclusion I came to and what I wrote earlier. The adjacent links BOTH need to be perpendicular to the quick link AND some side force is needed. That concerned me initially but the more I have thought about it, the chances of that happening are low to nil. More likely to have a link just break, I think. Someone please correct me if I am off track here.

I am confident with the design and I am going run with it (just installed last night after 7,000km on a KMC X11SL DLC).


Yeah, makes perfect sense, and I really don’t know the answer to that. Of course the safe answer is to err on the side of caution.


Yep. I have broken a SRAM link before, but that was in my early days of riding. Taught me the important lesson of making sure that powerlink really “thunked” into place :wink:


To clarify, no tools are needed to install the Connex links I’ve used. They operate similarly to other Quicklinks in that you place the links into position, pinch them laterally with your fingers to get them into proper position, then apply pressure on the pedals to make the links interlock.

Where I use tools is to remove my quicklinks (always). I use a set of Park Tool Chain Pliers


Yes I will be after reading your and others stories. Any hint of an issue with a quick link and it’s in the bin.

Definitely different to the current Wipperman Connex link. There’s no pressure needed, no interlocking sound or mechanism. This gives me hope that the current Connex link hasn’t been broken by @Jonathan and in fact I’m not sure if I have ever read of it failing. I read some forum posts from 2008 that mentioned Connex links breaking, clearly different design as we’ve established here.

Hey @Jonathan I’d be interested to see what you think of the current Connex link. Did you see my video above?


Yeah check the video I posted a bit back in this thread please. It’s from Connex. You’ll see no tools to open. This is what I’ve been trying to articulate in a few of my posts, obviously I did a bad job :smile:


Just so I am clear, the sonic cleaner is used in place of the Mason Jar method?


No, the sonic cleaner method is a separate step and only required if you aren’t using a brand new chain.


Thanks, that is what I will be doing. New chains


This video might explain the current Connex link better @Jonathan


What chain wax has anyone in the UK used? Molten Speed Wax is showing up on Amazon as £94!! Yes £ Sterling! For 55g :rage: I have looked on USA Molten Speed Wax website and its on there at $19.99 or a 1lb bag. BIG difference in prices. So wondered what Uk based folks have used? I know that MSW will ship to UK but shipping is same price as the wax ($19.99)


Check ebay. £23.99 inc p+p


:+1: thanks slowtrier.
Forgot about there. Looked on all bikeshop websites too. Cheers