Chain Waxing Tutorial


I think I got a 5kg bag of wax on Amazon for £20. I just need to grab the ptfe and MoS2 powders to put into it which are a small bit more expensive


so how does one wax the cassette? I feel that if I put it in the crock pot of wax, even if I spun it out or whipped it over head for a while I’d come back and find that the wax was bridging between the cogs? What methods have been successfully used to wax the cassette but minimize build up?

I’ve been doing the chain for well over a year and love not getting super dirty every time I touch it.


I wouldn’t wax the cassette. Without grease, it stays quite clean, You may want to sonic clean it, but even that is kinda overkill.


Agreed. I’ve never felt the need to wax a cassette. Once it’s clean, with a waxed drive chain it will stay clean.