Chain Waxing Tutorial


I think I got a 5kg bag of wax on Amazon for £20. I just need to grab the ptfe and MoS2 powders to put into it which are a small bit more expensive


so how does one wax the cassette? I feel that if I put it in the crock pot of wax, even if I spun it out or whipped it over head for a while I’d come back and find that the wax was bridging between the cogs? What methods have been successfully used to wax the cassette but minimize build up?

I’ve been doing the chain for well over a year and love not getting super dirty every time I touch it.


I wouldn’t wax the cassette. Without grease, it stays quite clean, You may want to sonic clean it, but even that is kinda overkill.


Agreed. I’ve never felt the need to wax a cassette. Once it’s clean, with a waxed drive chain it will stay clean.


For a full explanation you can try this link .


Came in the mail today, not sketchy at all


I have embarked on waxing using a Connex 11 speed chain and it’s reusable link. Bought 3 bags of Molten Speed Wax from Just did my second waxing. Such a time saver once you’re all setup. I would spend an hour in the backyard cleaning my bike with most of the time spent on the drive chain. This time I:

  • Turned on the Crock pot (wax is in there already)
  • Came back in 40-60 mins
  • Took my chain off the bike and threaded it through my swisher tool (old coat hanger)
  • Dunked and swished for 1-2 mins and then let sit for 15 mins
  • Came back and hung it to dry for 15 mins
  • Came back some point at least 15 mins later and put it on my bike

Definitely not an hours worth of my time spent, more like 15 mins in total. And I have a faster and much cleaner drive chain.
I am a happy man.
PS Adam from has been such a wonderful help.


Very interested in this…do you all recommend buying a few chains and just swapping them in and out with a fresh waxed one each time? Or is it really no trouble to just use a Wippermann link and pull one chain on and off each time?


I think it is easier to have multiple chains and do 2 or 3 at once so you can swap it out and go. Convenience more than anything


Definitely. I’ve just done a batch of 4 chains for different bikes this afternoon. There’s always a fresh chain to put on the bike and I can choose a convenient time to me.


Sweet, are you all using the Wippermann Connex, or a fresh link each time? I figured it would be best to have more than one since it seems you may only get about 200 miles from a road chain…is that what you are experiencing in mileage?


I am using it on my fixed gear bike with 1/8" Miche chains which come with a quick link. I have so far been reusing them but they are definitely more robust than 10/11 speed chains. Since they are only $10-15 apiece and I run brakeless and rely on my chain for stopping, I will likely replace the whole chain rather than just a link.


I use the reusable KMC 11 speed quick links


I went 413km on my first waxing. It was getting a tiny bit squeaky on the last ride. So figured it was time.


Do you know where can I get the reusable version?



From the article in Velo lab did detailing the Friction Facts results/pricess: Molten speed wax was 0.14 Watts better than normal paraffin wax, while only 0.10 better than squirt. So molten speed wax > Squirt > paraffin wax.


Ultrasonic cleaner - does anyone have any recommendations for reasonably priced cleaners that would fit a gravel range cassette (say 11-36 or 11-42)?

Have been tempted by the Harbor Freight model but wanted to make sure it would fit my needs before I pulled the trigger.


This one has been great for me so far and can fit a ton of stuff in it

Certainly deep enough for MTB cassettes


I agree. I find it takes about an hour for the wax to melt in the slow cooker (although I can be doing other things in this time), so once it is hot, I try to do all my chains.