Change extending cooldowns



In my opinion the way extending cooldowns is all wrong. Currently when you extend the cooldown you are extending the cooldown at the power target at whatever it is at the end of the workout. This is often a very low power target. I reckon many are like me at want to add 5 - 10 minutes of easier spinning at the power target of whatever the target power is at the beginning of the ramp down. Currently I’m having to fart around with changing the intensity to extend the workout at a worthwhile target.

Attached are 2 images. One shows what we get now with 5 minutes tacked on the end. The other shows what I want to actually do.


I think it is fine as is. You can adjust your target in a couple of ways:

  1. For smart trainers, increase the “Intensity” to adjust the power target. There is a limit of 200%, so it may not suit all needs, but likely covers most.
  2. For smart trainers, switch to “Resistance” or “Standard” mode (and set a desired value) then pedal at your desired power target.
  3. For standard trainers, just shift up and pedal at your desired power target.


Thanks Chad. I’ll try changing resistance mode tomorrow and see how I get on.


I agree with @mcneese.chad. I like it extending at a true recovery %, rather than adding endurance zone time on the end. When I want that, I can just load up Taku or something similar and add that kind of tss. Just my .02.