Changing your FTP



After some long days and week, and months, I have made some gains which are fantastic. “So why the long face?”

After doing SSB (High) I tested at the start to get a baseline FTP, then retested with no gain and then at the start of the build phase which is where I saw the sizable gain (+35%).

The change is far too hard to get through the build phase work. So what next? I’m planning to change my FTP to a lower number at about half the FTP increase.

Here’s my dilemma. Should I reflect the change in FTP in TrainingPeaks as well as I feel that if I don’t then the CTL etc. will be all incorrect?


Yes - you should keep your FTP settings consistent between all the applications that have an enterable FTP


I was kind of thinking that would be the case @trpnhntr. Thanks!