Chinese carbon wheelsets?



Caden wheels from are similarly priced and based in Sydney, excellent wheels with great service and support.


I fail to see why anyone would get Chinese wheels when you can get a set of Flo Wheels or Hed Jet+ sets cheaper of same price.

You are certain to get good customer service, good resale value, and warranties with them.


Oh wow! I didn’t know they existed! Definitely will look into them.


Sorry, got the address wrong.


I purchased a set of Farsports wheels in 2016, 38 mm clinchers. This past season the back wheel brake track developed deformities and started chipping off. When I took the wheel off you could feel the bows in the wheels. They wouldn’t replace since it was past the 18 month warranty but did offer a discount price for a new wheel.

I opted to go for the Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3 TLR instead and couldn’t be happier.


My brother and I both use farsports 50mm clinchers with zero issues. I know they have been popular within our club over the years. A lot of the guys had moved onto more name brands but that would have been before farsports had the U shape I reckon.


By the sound of the responses, I feel a lot of these non-name brand wheels can be good most of the time, but their quality control is not as rigorous as the name-branded stuff, so if you’re unlucky, you get a set that really shouldn’t pass the QA, but somehow it slipped through the gap.


From people I know of who have had issues, the Chinese companies tend to have better customer service than some on the name brand ones. But, some will be better than others in that department. The key is buying from the companies that have good reputations.


I’ve had great experiences with Light Bicycle, both disc road and mtb


I’m currently at about 7 Light Bicycle wheelsets purchased. I did crack one CX rim, but I would say it was totally my fault (riding rocky trail at 18 psi). Based on the cost I paid for the rims, I’m still a happy with the value proposition.


MTB XCO and XCM racer with Light Bicycle rims. Love them and have had no issues. I even got a stick jammed in between the rear wheel, broke 2 spokes and snapped the rear derailleur. Took it into my LBS and the wheel was true as the day I bought it. That’s after a full season of racing and about 15 various washouts and minor crashes. Those carbon rims are bullet proof.


I bought a set of the 60x25mm clinchers this time last year. Have had no issues and am very happy with them. I was a bit unsure being a heavier rider (90-95kg) but they have been great. I got the swiss stop pads when I bought them and braking is fine