Christmas Break


So I’m due to finish SSB MV2 on the week finishing on Sunday 16th. I then have one week where I can train and then the Christmas week when I’m away at Family and won’t have access to a bike ;-(

So my questions-
My sixth week (Taper/recovery week) is the week beginning the 10th. Should I follow the plan or adapt it by adding harder rides?
Would should I then do in the final week (17th-23rd) or should I make the most of this time by doing harder rides or take it easier?
Do i need even need to do the taper week as i’m going to be off the bike for a week?

My A event is next June so I plan on repeating SSB MV2 in the new year,followed by a build and specialty phase.

So my next question is when should I do my next ramp test? Before I have a week off to see where I have got to in SSB2? Or in the new year when i’m about to start the next block? Or both?



I have done this before by Just repeating a week. Probably best to repeat week 3 then do 4 and 5 and skip the recovery week. Or do the recovery week you get back to get you back in the swing of things. I always try to plan around my vacations like this.