Chronic Migraine & Headache Sufferers

That’s awesome that you were able to turn your life around! Thank you for sharing your story.

I suffered from NDPH for 4 years.
I finally found a complete cure and I strongly suggest it.
After 4 years of 24/7 headaches, they went away after I saw a certain neurologist. I sent a few people to him, and all of them came became headache free. I have no financial gain from this, I’m just trying to help. This doctor is located in New York.
Please email me for more details.
markreit1890 at gmail

Hello, Im Chris 27 from the UK.

I have recently been diagnosed with NDPH in December 2019. My Neurologist is Dr Luis Idrovo-Friero from Spire Methely Park Hospital UK. I am taking Pregabalin 375mg/day and I have also been prescribed Sumatriptan although this does not provide any relief. I have also previously taken Amitriptyline which did not seem to help.

I have had a GON block around a month ago which did seem to take the pain from 4-7 down to 1-3 for 10 to 14 days which was amazing but now as I am waiting my next GON block the pain is very high and I occasionally take Tramadol which I have left over from a leg break to dull the pain and this works temporarily although I will soon run out of this drug.

This takes me up to date with my story. My email is , I am very happy to be contacted to try form a group of us NDPH suffers and find a solution.

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I’ve had this since I was a baby. My mom used to tell stories of me as a toddler trying to explain to the doctors the auras I was seeing. For a while they thought I was hallucinating or had some sort of brain damage. Just persistent headaches. I’m 47. I think the longest I’ve ever gone without a migraine is 3 months. After cancer treatment they actually became less frequent and less severe, but they’re still there.

I’ve tried every variation of diet and not had anything really help. (I am a competitive bodybuilder so I’m very good at dieting. LOL) The things people often label as being headache triggers are often relief for me. Caffeine (coffee or soda), cheese, salty snacks often help me feel better. Sometimes all I can do is just take a nap. When things were really bad years ago I was using muscle relaxants, as regular headache or pain medicines weren’t working (plus I have reactions to pain medicine). And now they aren’t covered by my insurance and barely anyone will prescribe them.

Exercise hasn’t made my headaches worse, but it doesn’t necessarily help. I just do what I can when the headache isn’t debilitating. I wish I had more suggestions for you. I feel bad that so many of us live with this.

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