Comparing Power Zones with Heart Rate (HR) Zones

I looked at Chad’s spreadsheet which gives a good picture of the zones using power and heart rate. I did Carson this morning which is a sweetspot workout with six intervals in the sweetspot area.
Now sweetspot is 88-95% of FTP (power) and 90-95% of lactic threshold. (heart rate) and I was very interested to see the correlation between power and heart rate zones as I’d imagined my heart rates were always higher than they should be but as it turned out my heart rate and power zones in this workout were where they should be.
In all intervals my heart rate was between 86-92 of lactate threshold slightly lower than where they should be.
I realize there are a lot more variables with heart rate eg heat, sleep stress but…

Do most others here who are using heart rate find their zones are where they should be in relation to the power zones when all things are equal?

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I would say that “most” pay little to no attention to HR and just focus on power. I’ve tracked HR for almost every ride I’ve ever done. I look at it and say “huh”, but that’s were it ends. Sometimes my HR follows my power zones but usually it’s a bit higher. I’ve noticed on a few occasions my HR is significantly higher and then I surmise I must be tired, stressed, fatigued, etc. Usually the next ride my HR is back to normal and I never give it any more thought.