Hi guys,

Has anyone have recommendations on the best recovery tool out there. I was thinking either the Compex or Normatec boots. Have any of you compared these two? Any other alternative?

Any feedback is appreciated.



There was a mention in passing on one of the recent ‘Fast Talk’ podcasts (episode 52) that a meta-study found no benefit from EMS ( Electronic Muscle Stimulation) used for recovery. This was not said by the Normatec guys, but one of their other guests. I haven’t not tried to find that study, but would be interested hearing more details, as there was no discussion about this at all.


Hey swin2000,

I really dig the Normatec compression boots for recovery. They make everything feel so much better after a hard effort, and I always feel like i can bounce back faster for another hard workout after using them. The different attachments are a plus too. The section for hips definitely came in handy for me!

If you want just the legs though, go with Elevated Legs. They are very similar to the Normatec, but will squeeze much harder. Something I definitely liked! I think they might be a little bit cheaper too!


I’ve got a set of the Air Relax, same idea as the Normatecs and I’m a huge fan of them too. I know there’s no science proven behind it, but anecdotally, the legs feel fresher after an hour in them and bounce back quicker.