Concept2 Bikerg - connection

There is a concept2 BikeErg at my gym with a PM5 monitor. With the TR app on my iOS device I am able to connect to the PM5 unit, it shows up in the devices section of the TR app with very good signal, however when I go to start the workout it says there is no Power Data. The Concept2 BikeErgs are pretty smooth and very comfortable. I could see this being a great way to get in some of my workouts, if I could only find a way to get the app to recognize power. Any ideas on how to get power reading on the TR app from a Concept2 bike?

Hey @jjnapp,

The pairing procedure for the Concept2 ERG is to pair to the power meter itself by making sure the bike is set to “ANT+ PWR profile. It should list as just “Power Meter”.

We are unable to pair to the ERG profile because we do not have one in the office to test with :pensive:.

Would you mind sending screenshots of the Device Screen and of the “No Power” message in the workout page? These may be helpful in assessing the situation. It is possible that the bike is running outdated firmware. Is it possible for you to check the firmware version and/or update the gym bikes?

Hopefully those picture help. Let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks for trying to help out.

Are you guys still looking at this? Or is it not something you can help with on your end?

Hey @jjnapp,

I’m really sorry we let this slip through the cracks. I was working with a Support Agent to learn more about the Concept2 Erg, but then I left for a trip last week and didn’t circle back before I left.

I did some digging and the latest version was released in March 2019 and it is Firmware 325. It looks like you’re running a Version 320 from December 2017, which is likely leading to the problem with the power meter profile.

In order to get your power profile to properly pair with TR, you or your gym will need to update the bike to Firmware Version 325. This update can be completed through the Concept 2 Utility App.

Once that is completed, you should be able to sync the bike to TR as a power meter, and you can get to training!"

Sorry again for the delay, let me know if there is anything that I can clear up :+1:

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I have been having no trouble connecting my BikeErg to TR but only after following advice from Concept2:

  1. make sure your PC or your phone can receive ANT+ (use a dongle, etc.)
  2. Make sure your TR interface (PC or app) is on the “devices” page
  3. turn on the erg, go online via menu and use ANT+PWR as protocol (this seems to be the trick, as the other versions of ANT don’t work for me).
  4. With an eye on the devices page, try your best to keep the erg screen alive (I hit display every few seconds) because for some reason Concept2 gave it an extremely short time-out. This way the erg will be online enough for TR to complete the connection.

I found that once paired, the following days went much smoother. Basically, turning on the erg TR would remember it, and not need the same lengthy protocol as the first time.

Good luck!