Conclusions knowing Lactate Rate / VLaMax


Hey fellow TrainerRoadies,

started with structured training in January 2018 with a visit to a sportslab here in germany to determine my fitness and get some general training knowledge. Those guys are involved with several successful pro-triathletes/cyclists and basicly assessing your VLaMax and Vo2Max to get lactate threshold with two tests and bloody ear-pinching. While more than happy with TR and my results within the year I went again this week to see what has changed.

Vo2Max from 49 ml/min/kg to 56 ml/min/kg, VLaMax from 0,53 mmol/l/s to 0,57, resulting lactate threshold at 257w

So far so good, the word of advice was to focus more on lowering my VLaMax since Vo2Max might be more difficult to raise further and VLaMax beeing more important for half distance and upward. (Season goal 2019: first 70.3) => low cadence work somewhere in the endurance-range and more volume/endurance stuff in general. Apparently not so keen on sweetspot work in my case.

Got no reason to doubt the results but after a succesful year with TrainerRoad a second opinion can’t hurt, right?

So, in TR metrics: FTP from around 225w (Jan) to 274w (August) followed by some off-season pleasures and currently 267w (Nov), early 30ies, ~170lbs/6.3", no athletic background in Swim/Bike/Run but always did a little sport for fitness purposes before.

Any insights or similar experiences? I’m still somewhat unfamiliar with the non-FTP measurements and love the structure of the TR 70.3 plans with more sweetspot and some intervals to chase. Somewhat dreading to do endurance work and turning the cranks with 60rpm but might be tempted to dabble with it depending on some more feedback.

Have a nice weekend and/or holidays for the oversea TrainerRoadies!


First, cool that you got lab tested. Always nice to understand your engine a bit better. However, know that both those measurements will change through the course of a season. You might want to get tested a few times if you want it to be a useful tool instead of a snapshot.

As for training, I’ve recently been reading about lactate — please correct me if I’m wrong! — but I do believe the lab was correct. The endurance zone training will create the physiological changes regarding your lactate capabilities. SS & threshold zone work is more of a display of those capabilities.

That said, it takes a long time to create those positive changes via Z2 work so if you quit SS cold turkey you might actually see an increase in your lactate numbers instead of the decrease you’re after.

Maybe think about a gradual transition from SS to endurance?

You can also focus on your on-bike breathing and efficiency, two other factors which can effect lactate.


Thats great input, thanks!

Smooth transition and especially the mentioned breathing/efficiency could be worth a try.

So from my understandig its more about “pushing the effiency in the given power-range”, i.e. make 150mins@85% take the same energy as 150mins@80%, instead of just expanding the power-range to make 80% equal more power.

I’ll recieve example sessions for lowering VLaMax from the lab this week, will post them here. Might be helpful for others trying to solve the same puzzle :slight_smile:

Good start into the week everyone!


Got the trainingplan from the lab, basicly 2 out of 3 rides/week contain some sort of empty stomach stuff in the endurance range with a few tempo/sweet-spot intervals sprinkled in + low-cadence.

for example: 90min@65% with 3x10m@90% and <75rpm

Well, guess I keep it simple and stick with what worked in the past. Low volume TR 70.3 base which pans out beautifully with the targeted races. Usually able to squeeze one extra bike session in on the weekends, gonna use that for one of those proposed workouts and see how it goes.