Convert to Variable Speed Fan



I bought the Air King 9218 18-Inch Pivoting Floor Fan and would like to convert it to a variable speed fan. It currently has a High, Medium and Low setting. For me, sometimes the low is too high when starting a training session and yet during the tough intervals, I’d like it to be on high. This gets to be even more important during the colder months as my basement has limited heat.

Has anybody come across any plans to add a variable speed control knob to a heavy duty fan to be within reach of their bike? I already have a remote for the outlet to turn it on and off.

Thank you


Turn the fan on HIGH at the start and dress in layers that can be shed as needed during workout.

Ex: Long sleeve -to- short sleeve -to- tank -to- no shirt, etc. There are ample opportunities to do this during most workouts. Or, warm-up thoroughly to a stinking sweat prior to starting. :hot_face:


+1 to this. I wear a light jacket at the start of my workouts, and am shirtless by the end and drenched in sweat.


I think @DaveWhelan did a speed control mod?

UK Remote Controller Fan

Yep - here’s my Facebook post. Use it every time I ride on the trainer.


There’s a number of ways to do this ranging from easy/quick to hard/more time consuming.

On the easy/quick end of the spectrum is the following:

But be aware that this approach may not work with your fan, and also be aware of potential overheating of the control box. I have not tried a controller like this for these reasons, so use your own judgement on if you want to try this approach.

The hard/time consuming approach is something like what I did.


By the way, blower-type fans are usually a lot better than axial fans - quieter, faster airflow, and moves air in a more focused airstream.


Thank you @DaveWhelan I have looked looked at controllers like this, but was concerned about overheating- that is why I was looking to see if anyone here tried it previously.

I did see the video of your project a while back. It was fantastic.

@batwood14 and @Brushman Thank you for your suggestions. These are better than the other option I have been doing (which has limited viability long term ) has been to ask my to adjust the fan.