Cooking Sweet Potatoes

It seems like sweet potatoes are one of the top food choices. Does anyone microwave them? I’ve always cooked them the “old fashion” way in the over 400 degrees F for 1 hour. Looking for some other cooking options.


We’ve microwaved them, it’s okay. We’ve used the InstaPot too, also just okay. My favorite part of sweet potatoes is how they crunch up, so I stick with the oven method.


We remove the skin and cut them into wedges and then bake them in the oven :heart_eyes:


I diced and cooked garnet yams for 30 minutes at 400F with seasoning and they were awesome!


I cook them one of two ways:

  • Microwave a stabbed whole potato then serve as needed (diced with beans and broccoli or whole).
  • Halved and sliced into 1/4” slices, drizzle olive oil, chopped red onion, bake on a sheet for 16 min at 450. Amazing.

Microwave is fine ans preferred for me when I’m eating them a lot.

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I have been using a sous vide for a while. 183 degrees Fahrenheit, they come out perfect. There is something about using the precision of the sous vide that turns the starch into maltose. The finished product is noticeably sweeter when compared to other cooking methods.


How long do you nuke them?

Sweet potatoes and potatoes, both in the microwave for me. I cut them into smaller pieces and cook them for a few minutes. Duration depends on the amount.

5-7 min depending on size. Stab them first.

Boil and Bake!
Chop into chunks
Par boil them (with a bit of vege stock too)
After straining them, Toss in a little oil, salt pepper and garlic powder.
Bake around 230C for 15ish mins? Till crispy or Whatever looks good for you :ok_hand:

This way they’re still very soft and easier to digest. I do the same with regular the potatoes too. Quicker method than baking whole for over an hour …


I microwave mainly because I take one to the office for lunch along with carrot, broccoli and kale. I slice mine, add a small amount of water and nuke for about 6 mins, adding other veg throughout. Work great but obviously not as nice as baked with oil and spices.

Steaming them is a great, quick option as well. I cube it in to 1" cubes and fill the top of a steamer pot. It’ll take about 10-15 minutes to steam and they’re ready to eat. I either put some olive oil or butter on top for a little fat and fill nearly half the plate. Great way to quickly bulk cook them and have them ready for dinner and for your lunch container the next day.


Cut into cubes and microwave for 4-5 minutes. Add sea salt and have with a little ketchup. My alternative to eating French fries. Sometimes I’ll thrown them onto a pan after to brown them a little bit.

I still prefer the “old fashioned” way the best, but I’ve also boiled them, steamed them, and cut them into thin slices and baked them like chips. The chips are pretty darn good with some sea salt and I can take them in my lunch box.

But the skin is the best part!


pressure cooker for 30 minutes - poke them with a fork first. easy to do a large batch quickly - always have some in the fridge ready to go

Spiralize them into shoe string fries, add a little bit of olive oil plus Paprika and Cayenne (be careful) for flavoring, bake in the oven for ~25 - 30 minutes at 425. Perfect, flavorful, healthy fries.


I use to Microwave them for the last year or so. I stab it, cook 3 min then flip another 3-4 min. this worked okay for a quickie. If the family is having french fries I’d slice one up and cook with the fries. Very good this way. Lately I have been cooking 5 sweet potatoes in the oven @425f for 1 hour on Sunday’s and eating them throughout the week. Just reheat them in microwave for about 2 minutes. This method is by far the best. They basically fall out of the skin. So good…


I microwave them, because apparently the GI of a sweet potato skyrockets when you roast it.

Microwave is quick, easy, and effective. Nuke them whole and then top them with a mixture of black beans, canned chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper, cumin, and sour cream. Awesome.

As a side I like to slice them into 1/2" rounds coat them with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and broil in the oven. By the time both sides are browned they’re cooked through and delicious.

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