Cost of power meters: just a rant



When did you last see someone with tyres slightly slimmer than the rims, except for pro’s doing TT’s with wide rims and 21-23 something tubulars? It wouldn’t even be practical outside of competition.


I did something similar to that for my gravel bike. Ebay’d a Praxxis crank that had barely been used, ordered the ngeco spider and put it all together.


my last two outdoor rides - a cat5 crit and a group ride. A lot of tire talk pre- and post- ride out here, maybe that’s it? I got the memo within the first couple of group rides, when getting started in 2016.


Oh. I’ve almost never heard or read anyone talk about it. But yes, if the aerodynamics of the entire package is considered, then it’s certainly a gain. Marginal in most cases, but still a gain.


Maybe I got lucky with our club, a lot of really knowledgeable people that taught me about training, hydration, tires, and related stuff that I later read about online or in books. My front wheel is 29mm wide, and currently have tubeless Zipp Tangette 25c that are 26.4mm inflated. Before that Specialized S-Works 26c which are 27.9mm inflated. And before that Schwalbe Pro Ones. A lot of us are looking forward to giving the new Conti 5000s a try.


The more I train the less I think they are expensive.
If you buy them used, when you are eventually done with it and have to sell it you will not loose much.
Get a power meter for every bike, swapping them over is annoying


Even leaving aside obviously dodgy products like the XCadey, we haven’t been having the best possible time with cheaper power meters if this forum is anything to go by.
Avio Powersense - accuracy issues, particularly in the cold
WatTeam Powerbeat - Out of business it seems and resulting registration/app issues
IQ2 - Production issues/timetable slippage
Zwatt - Dropped support for Zimanox, some issues with recording the data they want for subscription customers

I have a feeling we’ll get to the sunlit uplands of affordable, reliable power measurement soon though :slight_smile:


I’m curious what’s wrong with the xcadey and if it’s just a lack of development time. Although, like just about every engineer, I look at it as an easy problem to solve. Then I see all the failures and realize it’s probably not.


$226 for a 4iiii gen 2 105(5800) left power meter, ultegra 6800 for $308 after extra 10% discount

Best deal I’ve seen around, and you wont have to worry about accuracy issues.


According to GP Lama Xcady are as accurate as any other single sided power meter. The problem with them are non existing service and that they seem to have used Ant+ without the mandatory licenses.