Crankset power meter opinion


I’m using Favero Duo only in home on rollers, but i don’t like not safe unclipping. Rechargable battery is realy OK (there are some issues with them, but Favero support is excelent and realy quickly providing solutions). On the rest of the bikes I’m using 4iii Precision, Inpeak Powercrank and Ronde X-Power single side units anfd I don’t have any problem with them, all are supplied with CR 2032 batteries. There’s an option with 4iii Podium, it has rechargable battery inside.


I got a 4iiii single-sided power meter last Friday, and I am getting power numbers from phantasy land. I’m hoping to get that resolved with customer service, though.


Despite my scepticism about IQ2 in the short term, that’s potentially an inexpensive option and you can buy shorter axles to offset the Q factor increase. Plenty of eBay sellers with unofficial titanium options for very little cash if you want to save a bit of weight too. I’ve been using longer titanium axles for two years now and the quality seems really good.


Stages make an SiSL left crank power meter. I have two of the second generation models - one on my cross bike and the other on my MTB. Had to send one back because water got in but the other has been bombproof on my MTB through Scottish winters.



4iiii was on the top of my list until I got an email from a pre-sales question

“Our powermeters only support one channel of data transmission through BLE and is supported by our iOS and Android Apps. In order to connect to 3rd party training programs such as Trainer Road on your computer, you will require either an ANT+ dongle or our Viiiiiva HRM used as an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge. This is because the BLE protocol of our powermeters (and most other Bluetooth fitness sensors) is different than that of a computer.”

I specifically went away from ant+ with trainerroad because my laptop and wahoo ant+ dongle would drop out occasionally. You had to pause, reconnect device and start up again. Big enough of an annoyance, I purchased a 2018 ipad pro 12.9 specifically just for riding indoors with trainerroad and yoga.

So 4iiii dropped off my list.

Can any one confirm stages still only works via bluetooth with the L/R power meter on only one channel, the left pedal? I saw an article on trainerroad where the left is gathered and the power is double. I you pedal the right side, it will pause the ride, so no single leg drills. Which is okay but still a drawback.


I have a Power2Max NG eco and couldn’t be happier. I’ve replaced the battery only once or twice in ~5000 miles of use and that was really just precautionary. It’s as close to set-and-forget as I could imagine (you don’t even need to calibrate it, though I’m sure that’ll stir up some controversy :slight_smile: ), and it’s a very cheap option if you want total power instead of left-only. They have a zillion configurations to work with different chainring and crank options too.


I should also clarify that I’m running a 2018 trek emonda sl7 di2 disc. So compatibility with ultegra di2 of course is important.


I use BT on my 3rd gen Stages and it’s flawless so far.


does it pause when you use only your right side pedal? Curious if they’re updated or changed the way it communicates. According to the below article, it doubles the left side.

Ipad pro 2018 is running bluetooth 5.0 whether or not that makes a difference. I’d like the outdoors to be close to the indoors as possible. Just picky I guess…


They’ll take care of you, but unfortunate you’re having issues. Did they install it on your crank arm or did you order it pre-assembled?


That’s why TR uses (requires?) the BlueGiga BLE adapter. I can assure you, my 4iiii PM works just fine on windows with TR and Zwift using BLE. I started to use ANT+ only because I was getting a few dropouts from BLE and didn’t want to relocate my computer across the room. I have no doubt that if I wanted to move my computer closer to the PM BLE would work flawlessly, assuming of course you’re using the BlueGiga adapter.


using the ipad bluetooth, works with no issues on assioma favero and vector 3. But did I test to see if they broadcast only one channel also, no. They both could be doing the same thing but I just don’t know it.


I’ve never tried connecting via iPad/iPhone so can’t comment on that.


I ran windows 10 with ant+ adapator, a dell engineering laptop. Random drops. Tried the ipad and never looked back. It was flawless compared to my laptop. Plus the boot time versus the program just runs without loading, so many reason why I wouldn’t want to use my laptop unless something happened to my ipad. Even with ssd on my laptop, the ipad just blows it away, plus the new A12 chip and improved sound, you can even hear the sound difference, I’m that sold on it. Which is why whatever crankset power meter I end up with, I want it to work with the ipad. I’m equally convinced that the speedplay pedals were a good choice with a crank power meter unless I went back to vector 3. The vector 3 and replacing four batteries, making sure they’re lightly greased so you don’t cause friction and drop out. little bit of a hassle.


I have Stages LR gen3. The right pedal sends data to left pedal. The left pedal sends full L/R data to TR app via Bluetooth. I’ve confirmed that works with TR’s iPhone app, doing single leg drills and dual recording with my Garmin bike computer (ANT+).


That’s exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you


It came preassembled on an Ultegra 6800-series crankarm. The installation was a breeze, I have to say. I have contacted support on Friday, but haven’t heard back from them yet. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Just to be clear: this is a statistical basis of N = 1. I have heard good thing about 4iiii, so I am not discouraging anyone here because I have had a bad experience.


When you connect stages via Bluetooth, do you see both left and right but only connect left? Does this still transmit both over left?


@Roikyou the Stages left side will transmit total (left+right) power to TrainerRoad. You can verify it is working by doing a single leg drill with right leg (left leg unclipped and no weight on left pedal).


My other question for you, have you seen “flaky” battery reporting? My battery was showing 40% and then 100%. Did this throughout the ride. But if you look at the stages app, it’s 100% and green. New batteries, just set up yesterday, first ride this morning. I did connect my garmin at the same time, so it should have connected via ant+. Connecting to the right gave no info but the left did. So my guess is while they are paired, even over ant+, it’s still over the left channel.

Thanks again for your help.