Crit Race Analysis Videos are Up!


Pete Morris from Team Clif Bar sat down with me and analyzed three of the crits I did. I learned a lot and I hope you do too!

If you have any feedback, good or bad, please let us know so we can improve. We tried a method where we can rewind and replay some video. It lowers the video quality a bit but I think it makes the content a lot better.

We’re also going to start putting out full race footage with power overlays. These can be fun to have on in the background while you train.

Podcast 196. Nate and the special snowflake comment

well, my evening is planned for me, apparently!


Yes. This is the shit I love. Kudos @Nate


Thanks Nate!


Thanks for uploading these! I really enjoy race narration videos.

Folks who like these videos might also enjoy the “NorCal Cycling Videos” channel on YouTube. Similar content. Great stuff to watch while grinding thru a workout.


So far I’ve only watched the first video but a few of the insights are really useful and I know that I make those mistakes. Brilliant additional content :+1:


Just starting these now. Looks like a great format.

On a technical note, I thought the commentary needed to be a bit louder vs the audio from the race - Nate especially.


Cool and interesting. Great stuff!


Just did Boarstone (2h easy stuff) while looking at these. This long easy workout is so hard mentally, no challenge, no short term goals, the difficulty is to stay seated and pedal for 2 long hours. Wright Peak -1 seems easier last sunday!
I believe it’s working on my mental ?


Thanks for that, someone else mentioned that. We’ll make it louder next time.


Great videos and results, @Nate!


Just out of interest @Nate what did you end up doing between each race? I seem to remember you discussing recovery options with @ambermalika


Nothing too special, I just ate some food, but not too much.

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Amy’s Spicy Chili out of the can
  • Wheat Thins with peanut butter
  • Gels and chews
  • Sports drink


Light snack then :wink:


What race is next? I’ll be driving over the pass to Snelling road race, weather permitting, fingers crossed!


If the weather is good and my boss let’s me, I plan on doing the road race and crit that weekend.


Made use of these during Petit this morning. Great stuff, @Nate! Keep on posting. :blush:


I’m not a racer - but these are a genuinely interesting perspective and commentary - thanks.


I enjoyed these a lot more than the first set you guys put up awhile ago. These feel to me to be much more like coaching than just a breakdown of the races pointing out mistakes. I feel I can get faster from watching these.


Totally agree here. Never raced in a crit (or anything else, really), in my life, but this is pretty interesting, entertaining stuff! @Pete must be some kind of guru.