Crit Race Analysis Videos are Up!


Just as a casual observer and someone who races crits across the country, this was great to watch. I’m not here to offer up any sort of unsolicited advice @Nate, but just from watching these last night and seeing how much you have progressed has been wonderful. You are extremely fit right now. I mean, it is ridiculous. Closing those gaps, just sticking your nose out here and there for what I would think would be too long. And some of these sprints you did, like what?! Your race tactics and smarts are getting there.
The one thing I learned when I was in Cat 4, everything gets brought back. Doesn’t matter where your’e racing, state, importance. Everything is brought back. People are so scared something will go the distance that they literally burn matches to bring it back. The races are fast. The biggest thing I took away from Cat 4 was to let everyone else do the work. Because, someone will do it. Be aggressive. Own your line. Everyone is timid and nervous. Sometimes being ‘the guy/girl’ is what a crit needs. Also, sometimes it’s nice to just drop the hammer and let some people know what you’re working with. Even if you’re not looking to go on a solo. Just a hint like, hey, I’ll cover anything you do.
Shoutout to @Bryce on the crockett. That is awesome. Did you guys talk about any sort of tactics or working together?
Side note: USA Nats Masters in CO Springs this year. You know you want to.


see you there, are you doing the 4’s?


This was my first race of the year, so I was treating it more as a test of my fitness than anything else. My primary focus for this race was finding my limits and assessing my strengths and weaknesses with the limited training I have in my legs :+1:.

I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the season where I can apply some proper consideration to race tactics and teamwork to see what we can do :muscle:


Great videos, look forward to more.


Pete is amazing!!

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We didn’t talk about tactics at all.

I’d like to go to national champs just for the experience; even if I’m not racing.

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Yes, probably the 35+ 4 race on Saturday because it lets me sleep in more :slight_smile:.

I’ll probably do the 4 and the 4/5 the next day.

See you there!

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Same here, hopefully see you there


Great break down and I learned a lot from the analysis at Cal-Aggie, especially since I was in it. Keep up the good work.


Cool. Snelling and Merced are my next races too. Hope to see you there.

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I’m so glad you’re a cat 3 and I’m still a 4 :slight_smile:.

Next time we are in a race together we should try to get a breakaway going.


Well Merced crit has a 3/4 race… you can always join :wink:


Merced looks good as they have the (last for me) beginner race program, get some mentoring and pick up two upgrade points. I’m thinking of doing Snelling Cat 5 but my fitness is down, and its using another hall pass on a single weekend.


It’s a mix of that race being too early and, based on past participation rates, I can probably score more points in the other races.

You get the same amount of points if there are 21 competitors vs 49. That’s crazy to me as it seems way easier to place in a 21 person race compared to a 49 person race.

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Assuming this is accurate here is the point break down for Crits. This was taken from USAC site and you can find the link below the image.

What I find interesting is this statement and is good for us 4’s when it comes to points.

For the tables that follow, note that if the field contains mixed categories (e.g., cat 3-4), then the number of starters is the number of riders that are the same category or higher as the person requesting the upgrade (e.g., in a cat 3-4 combined field, all riders count for a 4-3 upgrade, but only the 3’s count for a 3-2 upgrade.

When categories are combined, such as in a 3-4 race, the finish place is always the raw finish across the finish line, not taking into account the category of the rider. In other words, the category 3 riders are not subtracted out so that the category 4 rider appears to have a higher finishing place. The only time a category is subtracted out for this purpose is if the prize lists were awarded separately for a combined field.


I have a question about the videos, someone know which camara was used? GoPro? And how include watts in the video? GoPro include now pair with garmin?

Hope someone can help me with this.


There is software out there where you can overlay your power/cadence/Hr with the video.

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Go pro hero 7 and Garmin virb edit software

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What settings are you running your Hero 7 (assuming you have the black) on to make sure you get a full race’s worth of battery life? I recently picked one up and haven’t tested it enough to find how to extend it past 45 mins or so.

I think my best solution is to just turn it on partway through the race, but am curious to know your experience.


The one above 1080 (I forget the name) 60 FPS, super view . That seems to last just over an hour.

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