Crit Racing - 40 or 60mm depth wheels?

I’ll P.M. you as I don’t think my response will add value to this thread.

Not target directly at you @agreif…Let’s not needlessly put down the cat 5’s here. I’ve seen and experienced the worst riding in cat1/2 races. Many cat2 and some cat 1’s are super “strong” yet don’t have a lot of experience. So when put in a fast moving and complicated race the same thing happens as in cat 5 races. That is, needless unpredictability and shaky handling when something unexpected comes up. To be honest I think the cat1-5 systems is a bit outdated and not needed. (JMO)


Hey Pete, why do you say the Enve hubs aren’t for everyone? I have a set of 4.5’s with DT 240’s that I am contemplating upgrading to 5.6’s with the new carbon Enve hubs.

The main reason I said that is because they are pretty pricey and a lot of people have a hard time justifying paying much. I’d say you picked the perfect time to upgrade your 4.5s. The new 5.6s are pretty amazing AND Enve just came out with their aluminum hubs today which are totally bulletproof and feel very good. I’ve been running a prototype set for almost a year, and I like them so much I swap wheels in between bikes rather than ride something else.


I think Nate is a cat5, or 4 (same thing if you think about it)
Kudos on doing EB crits!

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6’s all the way, you like them, you can handle them.
4oz / 165lbs is 0.15% weight difference (less if you include another 16lbs for the bike) Don’t kid yourself

@Landis Interesting comments about Cat 1/2s vs 5s. Last Sunday after our 2nd EB Crit race (3rd clinic and race is this Sunday), the mentors basically told the group that we were a bit sloppy at certain points and particularly discussed handling headwinds, tailwinds and cross winds (we had all 3 on this course). He said that’s the difference when you get to upper categories is their ability to know how to handle them well with echeloning, etc.

I’ve done a lot of group riding at speed and definitely see the inexperienced Cat 5s in these crits not know how to corner well. I’d be surprised to hear that still occurs at the Cat 1/2 level. I would have figured by the time you hit Cat 3, bike handling skills are engrained.

Generally cat 1’s have their **** together more than everyone else. Generally. Just saying I’ve seen good and bad riding in every category. That’s all. Pretty hard to sum it up in a post or two.

Love, love, love the bike.

Got to be honest, I wouldn’t be using that at a crit, especially an early season crit.

I’m in the midst of re-fleeting the wheel quiver (moving to disc frames).

Was thinking the 3.4AR’s for GP training and climbing (live in Utah) and then a pair of 7.8’s for crit/rr-ing.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

When you decide on your wheels can you send me the other pair? :grin:

I’m still riding the 21mm aluminum wheels that came with the bike. :pleading_face:

Get rid.

I went from suffering in the pack 2 weeks ago, to being at the pointy end the week after going from rs100 to 60mm carbon clinchers.

Also going to try using latex tubes next

Turns out I am in the same exact position as you. We are swapping to disc race bikes this year and I just placed the same exact order.

I like to have the 7.8s set up with racing tires ready to go for anytime things are going to get spicy, but leave the 3.4 ARs on for general training and just in case I find myself doing something surprisingly hilly.

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Soooooo, you’re sayin’ there’s a chance I’m doing the right thing? Word.

trigger pulling this afternoon. see you at SLC crit. and maybe boise.

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Hed Jet 6 is what I crit on, brilliant wheels.

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This is what I ride… Quite happy with them.

Ill be running FFWD F4R DT350 at Heffron I may change over to Tubeless from Tubular. but I’m 50/50 as to any speed advantages. I do like Conti GP5000’s reviews usually I’m Vittoria for tubular