Custom training plans


Is there a way to build a custom training plan?

I know you can build custom workouts, but was wondering if there is a function to create my own training plan structure with pre made workouts?


If I want to create my own block/period of training, I simply select the sessions from the TR workout library and drop them into my calendar.

Of course this could be considered as unstructured but I do think about my goals for the training block and ensure that my TSS is gradually increasing.

Thank you, yes this is what I currently do, but didn’t know if there was a way of saving these custom structured plans down for later use

No, there is no way to save or reuse a custom plan right now.

It’s been discussed and requested a while back.

The best you can do now is make your plan. Then if you want to reuse some or all of it, Copy the entire week (one at a time, for as many as needed) into the future planned dates.


Thanks Chad

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