CX Wheelset Opinions


Didn’t see this in a previous forum, but I’m looking some recommendations for cyclocross wheels next season. Only qualifications for these wheels would be sub $1000 for the set and tubeless.

I was looking at the Stan’s Grail - anyone have them? like them?

What else do you all use and recommend? Thanks!


Hed ardennes has treated me well. Im 80kg and run schwabe x-one tires at 20 psi and haven’t burped them.


I built mine with the Velocity Aileron rims, Hope Pro 4 hubs, and DT Swiss DB spokes. $750 with shipping for the parts and shop build costs. Not the lightest but they are strong…


I have the Stan’s Grail, and a set of older Iron Cross that came with the bike. The Grail’s have been bullet proof through a lot of hooligan riding over the last two years, but I haven’t raced since I got them. The Iron Cross went a little noodles after a racing reason and some singletrack banging.

All that being said, I agree with @saganoky I’m getting a set of Hed Ardenne’s for it next. I’m actually converting the Stan’s wheelset to 650b for gravel.


Check out Woven Precision Handbuilts. Keep in mind these are Canadian prices


I’ve used the Stan’s Grail, as well as built up various sets with HED Belgium+, Velocity Aileron, Easton R90, H Plus Son Hydra, and a few off shore carbon.

For CX/gravel riding, they are all equally good depending on how well they are built. A little care during the build and you shouldn’t have any issues.


Also, has anyone bought through What was the experience like?


Wheelbuilder is an excellent builder. I know several people who have gotten wheelsets through them; my coach had a set of 303s that he used very aggressively on gravel and they never went out of true.

I’ve also purchased many parts through them and they’ve always been very helpful.


I have used two sets of these wheels from Farsports, doing two seasons of CX on one set and they’ve been flawless. The link below is with DT240S hubs, if you don’t need flashy hubs you can save a lot by going with DT350 or Novatec.