Cycleops H2 vs Saris H3 (and various H3 issues)

Welcome to the forum. Saris is just scuffing the pulley themselves, but it does work to fix the issue, at least in the short term. I thought I heard some noises from mine the other night, will have to check again

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Cheers and thanks for the reply!
I read that you had to get 3 before getting it sorted!
Did you have a look at my link, did that sound the same as yours? It was on a high resistance in video but shouldn’t be like that should it.
I like the trainer but worried that the fix may be a short term one, especially if you think the slip may be coming back on yours.

It doesn’t actually slip, just makes some noise, and really doesnt affect the function of the trainer. Am I bummed? Sure. Does it impact the workouts? Nope. And the H1/2/3 are still the best EGR trainers on the market, period

My H3 made that noise once back when I first bought it (October of 2019). For me I think it was related to the route that I was doing on Rouvy, which had a fairly steep grade (>14%). I was not ready for the change in grade when it happened so I was in a pretty big gear and was trying to down shift. I remember riding through it and it eventually “caught”. It did seem like it was slipping, which was weird - but it never happened again. I have not had any problems with it since and its been super reliable. Wish you the best of luck in resolving your issue. Cheers.

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Yes, it only does it on the steep inclines or when resistance is high.
Hopefully sanding will sort it then if it has worked for others.

Mine made a slight noise the first two rides and has been silent ever since. Maybe give it a week before returning to the bike shop?



I was too lazy to sand the pulley, and sure enough, the noise went away on its own. Unfortunately it started knocking so they shipped a new unit…

I’ve done a few dual recordings for zwift racing verification and it matches my 4iiii just fine, as long as I give it time to warm up. I train in a room that can be 45-55F and it’s always reading low during my standard 5-10min warm up, but fine afterwards.

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I had the exact same experience. I was able to get it to make some noise on hard starts when I first got it, and after a couple of weeks when I tried to reproduce this I couldn’t get it to make any noise under high torque.


Maybe the “new” being burned off the belt? Totally possible for them to be lightly coated with some amount of mold release, to make part removal from the tool easier. Super common with rubber parts and could explain the change and improved grip over time.


I think it could be something like that, or maybe even with a scuffed pulley it takes a little time for that to roughen the belt surface to grip better. I looked through the vent holes and I think my pulley is scuffed, but it’s really hard to see inside. For me it’s a total non-issue, and for that I’m happy :slight_smile:


Nice. I still think the Saris Hammer series are some of the most underrated trainers. The hiccups of the H3 seem to be controlled now and I’d be happy to get one to replace my great H2 (which replaced an otherwise awesome Hammer).


I’ve had the trainer for 2 months and recently it’s developed metal scraping noise when I cycle at higher effort. I ride in small chain ring and the middle of the rear cog to keep it align. When i ride at my easy effort (low 100 W) it sounds like this

When i ride at higher effort (mid to high 200W) it sounds like metal scraping

Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem?

It sounds like the belt. It sounds similar to the startup issue I have (can exchange or sand the pulley with 60 grit). I am too lazy to fix it, and opted not to exchange.

Contact support.

Thanks. I just emailed saris support. I can’t find any video or photos on how/what to sand. I suppose saris support has the detailed instructions?

Saris support thinks I have a bad pulley and is sending me a pulley replacement. Hopefully that will solve the problem

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I ride in small chain ring and the middle of rear cog during training. But when i calibrate, i had to ride in large chainring as small chain ring doesn’t give me enough speed to start the calibration test. Does calibrating in large chainring makes it not accurate for training in small chainring?

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Totally normal to need to use faster gears (specifically big ring) when spinning up to get the required speed for the spin down calibration. It is perfectly fine and even expected. No problem at all :smiley:

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Still have not heard back from Saris regarding issues with my third H3 making the same noises even with the sanded pulley. All it took was about 6-8 weeks of use and we are back to where we started because they cannot fix their problems. For the time being I give this unit a hard DO NOT BUY rating. I can not believe the lengths saris has gone through to avoid admitting their design mistake, even as far as to have some shadetree mechanic style fix of having some guy with sandpaper scuffing up the pulley in a garage somewhere.

At this point I gave them an ultimatum, if they don’t respond to me by Wednesday next week with a new unit or a full refund, I will be spreading the entire experience, videos, etc online like wildfire. I will also be contacting John Burke at TREK (their parent company) to let him know about the entire situation and experiences people have had. Words cannot describe how angry I am, having sold my perfectly functioning H2 to “upgrade” to this and having issue after issue. I can’t even do morning rides without waking up my wife. The rubber noise is so loud I can hear it through my noise cancelling headphones with music on.

For the time being I urge everyone who has an issue and decided “it’s ok I’ll live with it” to contact Saris and let them know we aren’t going to take their BS anymore. I wanted to support an American company, maybe it was a mistake

So they’re sending me another H3, this is the 4th one. Just for reference here is what the new belt and pulley look like on the new Kickr, both are ribbed to mate to each other and provide grip.

The H3 however uses a ribbed belt and smooth pulley, and they just sand it with sandpaper. Mine was quiet for about 8 weeks and then developed the same noise that the first 2 had out of the box. Saris told me they won’t give me a refund and basically if I want to I can sell the new in box H3 they are sending me and buy something else. Really not addressing their design issue though, so we’ll see how long it takes before I am asking them for trainer #5. I told them this approach of just sending replacements without addressing the issue is literally the definition of throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks by some miracle.

That’s unfortunate on a couple of levels. Sad to hear you are having problems again (even after the ‘fix’ is applied, not liking the apparent attitude and direction from Saris for customer service, and possible denial of a design flaw. Parallels what we see with the Kickr18 and Core having some continued issues, and Wahoo swapping units, but not apparently “fixing” the real issue.

Looks like I will wait out the H3 for an H4, just like I bypassed the current Wahoo products. Common teething pains from design changes and insufficient in-house testing to identify problems. More of the “2019 is the worst year in trainers” :stuck_out_tongue:

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